Photo: Tim Stanton

Via the Nite Facebook page:

Nite sailors I hope your ready!!!
The Nite Commodore and NIte Treasurer just got off the ice at Lake Puckaway and found just about pristine conditions. We recorded 2 1/4 inches of hard optically clear ice that drilled real hard. Though we are not at the 5 inch mark we would like initially, I believe we will get there by Saturday morning. This is a shallow lake with a max depth at about 7 ft so we know that will help this whole equation as well.

The weather forecast has snow coming on Thursday and we are not sure the full extent of what we may get, so as of now we will be planning as if a Nite regatta will be happening this weekend. We will do a final confirmation tomorrow.

Since there should be a lot of ice sheet available on Lake Puckaway, we would like to cordially invite the DN class to come share the ice with us and sail their Western Challenge on Lake Puckaway. It is the iceboater way to do things.

Please respect the landings should you come early and also the locals who maybe ice fishing.


Nite Class Commodore

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