Jim created this custom birthday card for  Renegader Jerry Simon.

Renegade sailor, Jerry Simon, thought he was going to our Four Lakes Ice Yacht Club fall party last night but instead was surprised to find himself as the guest of honor at his birthday party that Jim and Patty Nordhaus arranged. Jim spoke for us all in a special tribute to Jerry and recalled that Jerry was the first one to welcome him when Jim attended his first 4LIYC meeting. It should also be noted that Jim and Patty carried on the tradition of serving a ham. It may seem like a small thing, but it was begun by Jim Payton and continued by Peter Lundt. It’s a gesture that reminds us of the long history of our club and our members.  Thank you to the Nordhaus family and to all club members who attended. It was the perfect kick off to the upcoming season.

Via the 4LIYC Facebook page from Jim Nordhaus:

We had our annual picnic at the boat shop tonight. It also was a tribute to our long standing member Jerry Simon. It’s his birthday tomorrow 11-27-19. His ongoing never ending contributions were celebrated tonite and Jim gave a short list of some of them: ice checker, treasurer, four wheeler tender, marks manufacturer, race manager, regatta winner, boat builder, on and on! Jerry has not only helped to perpetuate the sport but he has been an excellent example of sportsmanship. It is our pleasure to know you Jerry and have a wonderful birthday tomorrow.
Your friends at the FLYC!