A remembrance of  a good man who brought many into the sport and a request from Mike Acebo of the Long Island, NY ice sailing community:

One of the most important members of the Long Island, NY iceboating community has sailed on. Bob Reeves, Orient NY, past Commodore of the Orient Ice Yacht Club has left us. His presence at every Long Island ice boating event, and beyond, served to coalesce our community and add to the membership of every club he was involved with. He was an avid Stern Steerer historian, builder and sailor with the history of several generations of iceboaters in his family. Through his plumbing supply business in Greenport he sold Skimmer 45’s to numerous locals to initiate them into the sport on local Hallock Bay, tiny Swan Pond and Lake Ronkonkoma. Many of these Skimmer sailors moved on to DN’s, C Skeeters, Stern Steers and the earliest 9 boat fleet of J14’s, an Orient club boat building project spearheaded by Bob. He was safety conscious, shared good ice reports and often spent his iceboating days helping others set-up, adjust rigging and advising novices how to improve their sailing while his J14 #20 stood by waiting. He travelled to ice and taught us there was always ice somewhere. Bob has moved on in the search of perfect ice. We will remember Bob in our own search for that perfect ice and great day with fellow iceboaters.

If anyone would like to share their stories of Bob please send them my way for our Club history archives.

Thank you,

Mike Acebo
LRIBYC Newsletter editor

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