Nites on the line at the 2019 ISA on Lake Pepin in Lake City, MN

The 4LIYC Nites are have set up a dinner meeting to organize for the upcoming season.
Date: Wednesday, October 30, 2019
Time: 6:45 PM
Location: Buck and Honey’s Monona
800 W Broadway Suite 300, Monona, WI 53713
Via John Hayashi:

What Nite sailor will win it all this season?

Guess what, it’s time for the 4LIYC Nite fleet to get organized for the upcoming season. Last year, we met Dave and Busters. This year we are branching out and sampling what Monona has to offer. There is a lot to get straightened out because we have an O-fficial club meeting coming the following week. Rumor or plain lie [unconfirmed – Ed.] has it that Tim McCormick is purchasing Don’s backup Nite. (Does one really have a backup Nite? Hmmmm.) We can discuss round marks vs triangle marks, which bar is better – Springer’s or Good Old Days, you get the picture.

Remember he or she who doesn’t show gets elected . Congrats Fleet Captain. Ha ha!