Craig Wilson Kite Photographer

Craig Wilson and his kite at the 2009 Renegade Championship on Green Lake, Green Lake, Wisconsin.

Long before drones became  prevalent, Kite photographer Craig Wilson recognized the beauty of boats on ice. He recently won an award from the country and museum where kite photography all began. Craig’s submission of a vintage stern-steerer  photo hangs in a museum in France!
Tip of the Helmet: Jeff Russell
From Craig’s Facebook Page, Kite Aerial Photography by Craig Wilson:

Craig Wilson Kite Photographer IceboatUsing a kite to lift a camera has been a thing for 130 years. Frenchman Arthur Batut is most generally accepted as the first person to accomplish that feat in 1888. This past summer a worldwide aerial photo competition was hosted in Labruguiere France with selected images shown at the Aurther Batut Museum.
At the end of the show I was one of the prize winners. Quite an honor to have some of my artwork selected to be included in the show and really amazing to be a prize winner in the birthplace of Kite Aerial Photography.
Craig Wilson

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