From “Mr. Nite” Don Sanford:

Don’t put your boat away, there’s still ice.
Here’s this week’s regatta update.
The Northwest has been called ON for March 2-4.  Should they postpone, the ISA may call ON.  Primary site for either regatta will be Green Bay, probably Windjammers Sailing Club in Suamico, WI, though that may change depending on conditions.  Other possible locations are Lake Winnebago, Green Lake or the Madison, WI area.  Should the Northwest call ON, Nite Nationals will be called ON for March 3 & 4 on the best ice available.  If the ISA is called ON, we will sail with the ISA and postpone nationals.
The Northwest and ISA will make a decision on Wednesday by noon CST.  Per our NOR, we will make our decision on Thursday by at noon CST.
You may have noticed that has not been updated for a few days.  Until that issue can be resolved I’ve asked John to keep us up to date through our Facebook page and Team Snap.
I will have another update on Wednesday afternoon.