The 4LIYC will check ice on Friday, January 5 at noon. Please meet at Captain Bill’s.

Saturday morning racing might be out due to low temperatures and light winds, however we may be able to sail Saturday afternoon. Sunday looks even better with winds forecasted at 10-15 mph and tropical 31F temperatures. As of today, NOAA is calling for a “Chance Snow then Slight Chance Wintry Mix” for Sunday.
Commodore Don Anderson set up his Renegade yesterday on Middleton Bay. The snow was just too sticky for him to get going in the light air but Jerry Simon saw a Nite sailing on Mendoter “with no trouble, enough wind and not too much snow…. The Nite likely came from a home on the north side of the lake and [I] wasn’t able to talk to skipper.  The 1-2 inches of light snow didn’t have any noticeable drifting with smooth hard ice underneath.”

Next update about 4LIYC racing will be Friday, January 5 by 5 PM. 

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