Google Translate sometimes misses the mark: “All You Need to Know About Sailing Cars Gliding On Ice”  though it does seem fitting considering the guy in the Skeeter, Paul Krueger’s other speed passion is open-wheel racing.

Ran across this in-depth article via Facebook about iceboating from “The Power of Wind” a Russian sailing website. The MARY B even gets a mention! Google’s translation could be better but if you are interested in the history of the sport around the world and in Russia, it’s worth taking a few minutes to read.

In the minds of most people who first heard the word “iceboat”, there is absolutely no association. Yes, and the description that it is a boat, put on skates, also does not particularly clarify the already confusing picture. Paradoxical in this situation is that the iceboat is not a newfangled entertainment and not the pampering of amateur designers, but a real sport with all the attendant attributes: international competitions, division into classes, clearly stipulated regulations and, most importantly, its long history.

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