Nites Getting It Done in Gladstone

Photo and caption via the Nite Class Facebook Page: “It’s Official!!!! We have the 2022 Nite Nationals In! Jim Gluek with 2 first and Tom Sweitzer to make it official.”


The Nites were no April Fools as they successfully pulled off day one of their Nationals at Gladstone, Michigan. Today’s latest news gleaned from their Facebook page looks like they are enjoying a spring day on the ice, waiting for the wind. 

2021 Nite Nationals

2021 Nite Nationals on Green Lake: Photo: Koepnick Photography

Nite Nationals Results

The Nite Class held their 2021 Nationals last weekend, March 6-7, on Green Lake in Wisconsin. Saturday’s lack of wind made for a day spent visiting and weighing boats. The wind arrived on Sunday and they completed ten races total, five in each fleet. Photographer Jim Koepnick captured the action and posted it in his website.

The 4LIYC Renegade fleet visited for some of their own sailing and regatta viewing: Jeff Russell, Damien Luyet, Don Anderson, and Jim LaFortune

From the Nite Facebook Page:

For all the marbles, the Gold fleet took to the 14″ thick ice on Green Lake, WI for the 2021 Nite National Championship. Conditions caused 0 races on day 1 due to no wind and warm temps. Day 2 forced an early start to get 5 races in with winds 8-13mph. The ice started off hard and slowly softened by 1pm. Chad Rechcygl and Mike Jankowski each sailed away with 2 race wins along with 11x champion Tom Sweitzer flying in from the right side of the course at the finish line to win race 5 and to solidify him as the G.O.A.T. (greatest of all time). Chad grabs his 2nd championship in a row. Mike Jankowski takes 2nd and Top Master. 4 days later with 60 degree temps and high winds, the ice is now gone and the lake is ready for summer sailing. Wow that was close!
Dick Grota once again takes home the Charlie Miller Trophy for 1st place Silver fleet at the 2021 Nite National Championship on Green Lake, WI followed closely behind by Don Sanford. John Mason closed off the day with his 1st race taking 3rd overall.

“My Road to Nite National Champ” by Chad Rechcygl

“When you’re bored and you have iceboating on your mind, you build crazy trimming contraptions in your basement. Lo and behold, Tom Sweitzer sends me a picture of the one he had already made except it was on his porch overlooking the British Virgin Islands! #iceboatLife”

2020 Nite Nats champion Chad Rechcygl explains how he went from “seeing how long he could stay in a hike” to winning the Nite Nationals. He set goals, took to heart what his fellow Nite sailors and mentors told him, tracked his progress, and committed to an off season physical regiment.  Chad’s article is a glimpse into the mindset of serious iceboat racers.

I appreciate those who reached out to me and asked me to write an article on my path to winning the 2020 Nite National Championship. To be able to do this means a lot to me and it is still so surreal. It is nice to look back and see the progression. Over the years I made note of my mistakes and implemented solutions. I watched footage to see where I could improve performance. I also tracked my races using the Ski Tracks App on my phone to study laylines, boat speed and buoy roundings.

To simplify I followed 3 simple rules:
1) Learn Something from Every Race
2) Never Quit a Race
3) Apply new knowledge

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