Season Approaches…Montana Calls

Season Approaches…Montana Calls

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Season Approaches…Montana Calls

With the chill in the air and the shallower lakes starting to change form, no doubt many of you are dreaming of the ice sailing season ahead. If you haven’t already, now is the time to mark your calendar for the 2022 Hard Water Summit in Montana, this March. If this event is news to you, check out the details at


The event will take place during one of the first three weeks of March–


March 14-18 Target Week
March 7-11 Earliest Option
March 21-25 Latest Option


As we get closer to these dates and conditions are known, a call will be made. So, keep your schedules loose and be ready to go. We’ll be headed to “The Middle of Nowhere”, from all over the country and other parts of the world. All ice sailors are welcome. There are 73 already registered!


If you’re interested in being on our list for ongoing information, please subscribe by filling out the short survey on our website.


The city of Glasgow, Montana is looking forward to hosting our group with great enthusiasm. So much so, that the Glasgow Tourism Board has awarded us a sizable grant to help make the event spectacular. In addition to epic ice sailing, plans are underway for nightly social events, daily adventures for ice sailors’ guests who prefer other activities, and much more.


If you’re headed to the Great Western Challenge next week, bring your local knowledge questions, as Sean Heavey, Glasgow, Montana resident and ice sailing photographer/videographer extraordinaire will be there. Sean is bringing all his hi-tech gear, including his new video-equipped racing drone that is fast enough to keep up with any iceboat. You’ll see from Sean’s website that he is also a storm chaser, so this guy knows how to shoot extreme!


Stay safe everyone and hope you enjoyed Thanksgiving.
Daniel Hearn

New 4LIYC Officers Elected

New 4LIYC Officers Elected

In 1878, Harper’s Bazaar Magazine recognized Madison’s prominence in the sport in an article with a now famous engraving that depicts ice yachts and the scenic isthmus. We are still here. 

The Four Lakes Ice Yacht Club elections were held Wednesday evening, and our new officers represent every fleet in the club. Daniel Hearn, who sails a DN, C Skeeter, Nite, and Renegade, is our new Commodore. Nite sailor Lars Barber is our new Vice Commodore. Treasurer Jerry Simon will serve another year along with myself as Secretary.

The club extends much gratitude to the previous Commodore Don Anderson and Vice Commodore Tim McCormick for their service.


Iceboat in National Sailing Hall of Fame Museum

Iceboat in National Sailing Hall of Fame Museum

Visit the musem.

Ever since Buddy Melges’ induction in the first class of 2011, ice boaters have numbered among the elite sailors honored by the National Sailing Hall of Fame (NSHOF). Other hard water inductees include Peter Barrett, Olaf & Peter Harken, Jan & Meade Gougeon, Bill Bensten, Herbert Lawrence Stone (who authored books and articles), Bill Mattison, and Jane Pegel.

The sailing community’s full recognition of the sport of ice yachting has culminated with the inclusion of an iceboat in the new NSHOF museum in Newport, Rhode Island.

When visitors enter the impressive interactive exhibition hall, they will notice six boats hanging overhead from the exposed wooden rafters of the historic former  armory. One of those six is an iceboat representing our community and those who live to “Think Ice.”

The NSHOF asked Four Lakes Ice Yacht Club Nite sailor Don Sanford (the driving force behind Bill Mattison’s induction), myself, and others for an iceboat. The museum had hoped to hang a Class A Skeeter, but the wide plank would have taken up too much space. They chose one that would fit – the most popular iceboat globally, a DN.

Peter Harken asked that the boat not be a “fixer-upper” but a fully fitted racing boat. The NSHOF accepted Four Lakes Ice Yacht Club member Doug Kolner’s offer to donate his complete modern DN.

The DNs natural wood hull and plank, built in a small garage in Monona, Wisconsin, are true to the roots of the DN’s humble beginnings at the Detroit News hobby shop in the 1930s. Doug built the boat using standard DN plans, and it symbolizes all the iceboat builders who enjoy kicking up some dust and mixing epoxy in their garage shops.

Current members of the NSHOF’s influence is evident in the fact that the boat was built using Gougeon brothers epoxy and Harken brothers fittings technology. Doug recognized NSHOF member Bill Mattison and Green Lake Ice Yacht Club’s Joe Norton as the builders who had influenced his iceboat building know-how.

Buy & Sell Page Maintenance

Buy & Sell Page Maintenance

Paul Krueger next door at the Past Champions Iceboat Shop works on a Class A skeeter plank.

“SOLD” ARCHIVES’s Buy and Sell page has evolved to keep relevant over the past 23 years. In 2020, by popular demand, we added a “Sold” column on the Buy and Sell page so that you can get an idea of the interest in iceboating. The “Sold” column took up so much space, especially on mobile devices, that I created an archive page where all the previously listed and sold iceboats and components will live. A much shorter “Sold” column will remain on the Buy and Sell page with fewer listings and links to the Sold Archive page.

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