DN and Renegade equipment for sale:

•S-713 North American equipment for sale
•C2 Hull and cover
•C2 prepreg mast
•C2 aero plank and cover
•C2 Runners and Guncase
•Ullman/Boston F01 and ABSS Sails

•1D PGP36 and F Speed avalible with glass or carbon battens New and used excellent condition

•North/Boston F01 with battens brand new, never used, no insignia or #’s- $1000

•North Max Power with battens excellent condition- $1000

•C2 Plank with Struble chocks- $900

•CSI/Kent Plank with Jablonski chocks-$1200

• MBC Light LV3 All Carbon mast lightly used $2900

• MBC Stiff HV5 All Carbon Brand New $3500

• MBC FEMALE HYBRID Tube only $900

• MBC HYBRID MV4 $2800

•Renegade Sails with Battens
• Henry North tack seam $950
• Boston “Magic” $800

•Renegade padded runner bags (3) $200

Located in Madison, WI and RI
Contact: Chad Atkins
DN US 4487