SOLD! DN Package with Trailer
Wide body DN fuselage w/cover
Sherry plank, 185 lb. w/Struble chocks
Mast, Sherry glass “WHIP” w/ cover
Dyform rigging w/Struble spreader
Sherry Rocket Carbon mast w/cover
Sail, North FO1 (Like new)
Sail, Quantum JD speed sail
Forstmann boom with custom infinite block adjustment
Harken tielite blocks, 2 Harken ratchets, Harken track & cars,
Carbon steering rod
Telescoping carbon fiber tiller
Set of 3 Sarns Bullnose plates w/ carry box
Pair 36” x 3/16” 440c Sherry inserts w/CF stiffeners & padded carry case
Pair 30” x 3/16” 440c Sherry inserts & padded carry case
1 Polish T steering runner
Enclosed trailer on Karavan bed w/12” tires plus spare.
Spare Plank 180lb w/sarns chocks and cover