Boats and items that have been confirmed as sold.
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Boats and items that have been confirmed as sold.

SOLD! June 1, 2021: Vintage Class A Skeeter in Maine

SOLD! Ray Ruge designed A Skeeter. Built by Hagarty in the early 60’s. Owned briefly by Buddy Melges and carries his sail number. Square top added to sail, new steering and stem block. New hollow plank built to the same section as the fuselage. Sails fast and balanced. These boats were built in limited production and this is the only known sample still sailing. New enclosed trailer. Runners sharpened and aligned.
Photos here:
In Maine.

SOLD! February 18, 2022: DN Gear in WI

   SOLD! DN gear
  •C2 QIL mast- $1500
  •C2 Plank with Struble chocks-$750
  •FO1 sail-$650
  •Brand new MBC hybrid mast (whisper grey awlgrip spreader bar included)
  •1D sails


SOLD! December 1, 2021: DN in NJ

SOLD! DN in Red Bank, N.J. area (Monmouth County). Complete boat ready to go.
Kenyon Aluminum Mast and Boom
Sail in good shape #1113
Mast and sail/Boom bags
Recent restoration. Very good shape
2 sets of runners
Some racing. Mainly used for cruising
Includes cover for boat

SOLD! October 8, 2021: Vintage Skeeter in Maine

SOLD! Ray Ruge designed A Skeeter. Built by Hagarty in the early 60’s. Owned briefly by Buddy Melges and carries his sail number. Square top added to sail, new steering, and stem block. New hollow plank built to the same section as the fuselage. Sails fast and balanced. These boats were built in limited production and this is the only known sample still sailing. New enclosed trailer. Runners sharpened and aligned.
Photos here:
In Maine.

SOLD! November 2, 2021: Skeeter in IL

SOLD! Former “Honey Bucket” Class A Skeeter number 5, built in 1980. Last all wood boat built. Excellent condition, with trailer and extra sidecar passenger seat included. $4500.00.L


SOLD! February 16, 2022: DN in MI

SOLD! DN   Good shape. Sails very well. Set up with all quick release pins and nuts tacked to runner chalks for easy set up. Includes sail cover, hull cover, stands and runner box.

SOLD! March 6, 2022: Yankee in MI

SOLD! Yankee Class Iceboat
20 ft. fuselage, 25 ft. mast, 6 ft. springboard, 18 ft runner plank, 75 sq/ft full batten Boston sail, Sharpnack blocks. Two sets of runners. New runner set is made from chrome vanadium tool steel, hardened and Blanchard ground with sharpening jig,
Trailer has new tires. Stored inside, I need the space for another project. Good condition.
Located in Mount Clemens, Michigan
Price: $2000.00 negotiable

SOLD! February 24, 2022: C Skeeter in NJ

SOLD! C Skeeter.
First iceboat built with cockpit forward and mast behind by Tom Nichols in about 2005.Stainless runners, wood hollow mast, front spring suspension, and three sails – one newer high aspect sail, and two low rig. Must sell declining health.
$2,500 firm

SOLD! February 14, 2022: Arrow in WI

SOLD! Arrow iceboat and trailer
Arrow boat from S&R Marine Pewaukee, WI and is in very nice condition.
Full length cover included. The sales is in great shape. Trailer set up for ice boating, capable of carrying 4 iceboats. Trailer in very good condition, lights function include spare tire. Includes 3 storage compartments for runners and support equipment.
Located in Racine, WI.
$3900 firm.

SOLD! February 4, 2022: DN in WI

Entire boat is Spruce, Sarns hardware, two sets of plate runners in boxes.
Very fresh Quantum sail
Two planks, one spruce, good for a light weight and vertical laminate stiff plank, needs minor repair

SOLD! December 9, 2021: Yankee B Skeeter in New Jersey

SOLD! Yankee – B Skeeter comes with 23′ mast, 2 sails, 1 full and 1 storm sail. 2 sets of new runners 1/4 and 3/8 440 stainless. Also 25′ carbon mast and 25′ foot carbon sail. Runners and mast built by Bill Buchholz. Full covers for everything and trailer with big box to fit everything. Plus lots of accessories.


SOLD! January 13, 2022: DN in NY

SOLD! DN with sidecar. Complete with hull, sail, mast covers & runner box. Originally built by Weeks boatyard on Long Island, NY for owner. Marquetry decoration by gunnels. Has seen little use. Always stored in garage. Fast, quite a thrill to sail! Presently located in Plattsburgh, NY on Lake Champlain. Price $1750.00.

SOLD! May 10, 2021: DN in MI

SOLD! DN iceboat in Detroit area (Oakland County), MI
Complete boat, ready to go
Formerly a race boat, now a cruiser
Aluminum mast, wooden boom
Black with varnished rear deck
Laminated (hollow) runner plank set up for about 180 lb sailor
Sarns skates
Sail in VG shape (Note: Sail number is not related to this boat, was on sail when I bought sail)
Includes Sunbrella covers for hull and plank
Includes 2 spare solid wood runner planks

SOLD! January 14, 2022: DN Plank in NY

SOLD! Lightly used DN plank. Ash skins with western red cedar core. Has a 2 in. crown that deflects 1 3/4 in. for 195 lb. skipper.
$300 I am planning on being at the 2022 DN Nationals and will bring the plank.




SOLD! March 5, 2021: Class A Skeeter in WI


Motivated to sell…no time to sail…Great boat, great trailer, great price…. UNBELIEVABLE RIDE!

Class A Skeeter
One set of runners already ground down flat to .280 thick
3 Practice sails
2 Brand new North Sails (1 All purpose and 1 Flat / Heavy Air).
Full envelope travel cover as well as cockpit cover for the pits.
26 Ft. Mast which seems to provide plenty of power.
22 Ft Plank.
All aluminum trailer hold 2 programs.
Original boat built by Dan Clapp.

If you ever though about sailing one of these boats, now is the time!
Great boat – Great price!

SOLD! January 31, 2022: Nite in MI

SOLD! Nite #321
Padded upholstered seat. Sail in good crisp condition. Freshly varnished mast. Sarns Runners with box – clean, but need sharpening.
Ready to sail
Detailed photos of any and all part are available, upon request.

SOLD! January 5, 2022: DN in MD

SOLD! DN in excellent condition, previously featured on the cover of Chesapeake Magazine. Lightly used but greatly enjoyed, this little gem is super fast and lots of fun. Comes with sails, runner, mast and boat.
Asking $1,500.

SOLD! November 19, 2021: C Skeeter in MA

SOLD! BDX-14 C Skeeter / Pocket Skeeter #2
Boat Comes complete and ready to sail.
Included :
BDX-14 LOA is 16′. Boat is 14′ 2ft spring board.
New never sailed Ash 12ft plank with Sarns chocks all aligned with hardware.
New 19’11” Aluminum mast with all rigging.
Comes with wheel dolly to move from trailer to ice.
Custom boom. 7′ 10″ with all blocks and hardware and sheet line.
North Sail custom built “High Aspect” fat-head sail. Used but in good shape.
Sarns Bull nose runners (3) All sharpened and profiled. with carry box.
All Seat cushions custom fit to cockpit.
Custom built enclosed Side-Car with hiking rack, also included and built specifically for this boat.

$4,000.00 BO.

Sarns J-14 runner set ( 2) used about 8 times $850.00 firm.
Boat and gear is located in Southern Ma.

SOLD! January 18, 2022: DN Runners in OH

SOLD! DN Runners
1. 440c 1/4. $ 800
2. 440c 316 $ 850
3. Stainless $750
4. Sarns plates $ 250
5. Sarns plates $ 400
6. 440 c front steering $ 250
7. Short t’s euro steel $ 300
8. Front Sarns cut down plate $ 150

SOLD! January 9, 2022: DN in IL

SOLD! DN built by Norton Boat Works in WI. Complete and ready to sail. Aluminum mast and boom. North sail with bag. Hull cover, stiff plank, breakaway tiller, running rigging, helmet and titanium runners.
Price: $ 1,800.00

SOLD! January 1, 2022: DN in MI

Refinished hull, fiberglass mast, good runners, 1 wooden and 1 aluminum boom, and good mainsail.
Needs main sheet, 3 of 4 mainsail battens, and halyard catch.
Price $525 or best offer.

SOLD! January 1, 2022: DN in IL

SOLD 2014 Sherry built DN for sale including original hull, plank with custom chocks, Quill mast, custom hardware, 2-sails, insert 440 runners, bull nose runners, padded covers/bags for hull, plank, mast, boom all in like new condition. Entire program minimally used. Located in Springfield, IL.
Delivery optional.
Price is $5,000 obo

SOLD! December 8, 2021: Nite in WI

SOLD! Nite
Late 1980’s model.
All parts are ready to go.
S&R replaced all nuts pins etc. Sharpened runners.
Slight damage to seat back- S&R estimates $300 to repair but not necessary.
$3500 negotiable

SOLD! April 7, 2021: Arrow in PA

SOLD! Arrow #353 for sale in Erie, PA. 2 passenger iceboat. Carbon fiber spring board, newer runners (used 4 times), newer stays, cockpit cover, full mast up top cover, jack stands and aluminum spars. Trailer carries all gear. Located at Erie Yacht Club.
Asking $3,500 with trailer or $2,500 with no trailer. In great shape and ready to sail.

SOLD! December 30, 2021: DN in WI

SOLD! Pewaukee, WI DN ready to sail. My brother won the 100th Northwest regatta in this boat. This would be a great boat for someone getting started:
Fiberglass hull built by Jeff Kent
Steve O designed titanium aft steering post and arm with breakaway tiller head
Jeff Kent CSI composite mast with shrouds
Aluminum boom
JD speed sail in good shape
Ash stripped plank with Struble chocks
Plate runners

SOLD! December 17, 2021: Starter DN in Madison, WI

SOLD! Vintage wood DN in good condition with trailer in excellent condition. Complete boat includes runners, heavy black mast, aluminum boom, wood plank, cable stays, sail and sail bag.
Garage-stored on trailer for years in current location, Madison WI.
$1200 or best offer

SOLD! November 15, 2021: Vintage Skeeter in WI

SOLD! Mead two seater Skeeter. Perfect boat to give people rides to introduce them to Iceboating. Jim Nordhaus quote, “Rides like a big Cadillac”
We believe it was built after WW 2. Foot pedal steering, Passenger seat in front of the mast. Includes trailer and full covers. Trailer needs lights installed after it was refurbished.
Completely restored boat in excellent condition. All runners, Sail and boom. $5000 invested. Will sell for $2500 or best offer. Boat in Madison area.
Repainted by the Boathouse last year!


SPOKEN FOR! December 17, 2021: FREE DN Plank Jig in MN

SPOKEN FOR! FREE to a good home. JD’s original DN plank-building jig with clamps, waxed boards and instructions. Steel channel is a heavy motha, but produces consistent work. Great for a group looking to produce multiple planks.Giving away to make room for a shop re-design. Needs to go by first of year, or it’s scrap city.


SOLD! December 8, 2021: DN in MI

SOLD! Complete vintage DN recently restored to very good condition. Includes covers
for Hull, plank and sail/boom.
Bay City, MI
Estate sale $600    $725 or best offer.

SOLD! November 20, 2021: DN Plank & Hull in MI

SOLD! DN Plank and Hull in Elk Rapids, Mi.
Solid wood plank with Hamel Hardware for about 170# person. $450.00
Mahogany Hull without Hardware needs refinishing. $400.00
$750.00 for both items. OBO

SOLD! November 20, 2021: Racing DN in MI

SOLD! DN in Elk Rapids, Mi.
Complete race boat ready to go with full canvas cover
Striped wood hull with Harken fittings
Ron Sherry composite carbon black mast with aluminum Wolf boom
Dacron crisp full sail #4722 with windows and fiberglass battens
Solid wood plank with 36” 304 SS 3/16” Insert Runners in Harken bag
Includes back-up 36” Sarns Bullnose Blades
$4000.00 obo

SOLD! November 20, 2021: Cruiser DN in MI

SOLD! DN in Elk Rapids, Mi.
Complete cruiser boat ready to go with full canvas cover
Aluminum mast with aluminum Wolf boom and sheets
Dacron full sail #5114 with windows
Solid wooden plank
Sarns Bullnose Blades which need work in wooden case
$1500.00 obo


SOLD! December 15, 2021: 2 Lockley Skimmers in MI

2 Lockley Skimmer 45 iceboats. One has a Boston Sails skimmer sail, the other an aftermarket replacement sail of a different style. Both are of similar style to the one pictured. Runners are in carry boxes, not pictured but included.
West Michigan location, near Grand Rapids.
$450 ea


SOLD! December 9, 2021: DN in MN

Great condition starter recreational DN. Includes recently refurbished and painted hull, two sails, recently sharpened runners, plank, aluminum mast, wooden boom, shrouds, a new replacement halyard, and everything needed to start ice sailing!
Minneapolis, MN


SOLD! October 27, 2021: Arrow in MI

SOLD! Arrow #317 for sale. Recently restored. New springboard. Very fast. Comes with open trailer that can haul a DN and Arrow.
Estate sale.
$2600 or best offer.

SOLD! October 9, 2021: Nite in WI

SOLD! Nite #434
Located in Oconomowoc.
Included – trailer, sail, mast, boom and runners, Boat/mast/boom and sail covers.
Always stored indoors. In great shape.


SOLD! November 23, 2021: Arrow in WI

SOLD! Arrow Iceboat.
Check out the video: Great for one person or two. Newer sail, custom cover to use with or without the boat rigged. Trailer with working lights included. Custom padded cockpit seat. All hardware and tools to install runners and plank included. Aluminum mast and boom.. Need to sell, no reasonable offer refused. Runners sharpened and correctly aligned. This Arrow iceboat is ready for sailing. Sail cover included. Reply by instant messaging or phone only if serious. Will be at Swap Meet in Madison if not sold by then.
Mequon, WI




SOLD! December 13, 2020: Renegade in WI

SOLD! Renegade Number 280. Very nice shape, quality parts and build, racing sail, will have out sailing on first ice. Madison Wi.
$4000.00 without trailer
$4500.00 with trailer

SOLD! November 26, 2021: Sitka Spruce in WI

SOLD! Three near perfect old Sitka spruce boards carefully stored.
1.   20 ‘  x   7 ”  x   1”
1.   18.5 ‘   x   5.5 ”   x  1”
1.   18’  x  6”  x  1”
$350  (70% of lumber yard cost)

SOLD! November 22, 2021: DN in MI

SOLD! Wolfe (Canada) built DN to tall skipper (+6’) w/ cover. New ash runner plank (+200# skipper) and dual front chock spring (Composite Concepts). Quantum F01 race sail, excellent condition w/cover. Composite Concepts fiberglass mast w/ cover. Complete set of runners w/ Boston Doyle runner bag. Two sets of shrouds w/ hardware backpack. Fast & light DN, always stored in a heated basement.
Southeast Michigan.


SOLD! December 2, 2020: B Skeeter

SOLD! Icefall: All West System B-Skeeter built by Bob Pegel about 1990.
Refurbished trailer.
Refinished two years ago, less than five days outside since.
See the FOR SALE page for more pictures and
This boat is 100% ready to sail in like new condition.
Asking price: $15,500

SOLD! November 16, 2021: Nite in WI

SOLD! Nite #181
Full covers for boat and all parts
3 Sails
2 Masts
2 Sets of runners
Many battens
Runner sharpening fixture
Asking $5,000

SOLD! November 4, 2021: Iceboat Trailer for Nite

SOLD! Iceboat trailer set up for a Nite. Trailer condition is good, newer tires, rims, spare, lights and trailer jack. Large storage tube for sails and boom, small wood box for runners or tools. Trailer accommodates boat, plank and mast.
Asking $500.

SOLD! November 19, 2021: DN in MI

SOLD! DN. Great racing record or just day sailing, minimum weight on hull, plank and mast newer sail with 3/16”x36” inserts covers for everything and extra tiller and aluminum boom.
$1700 OBO

SOLD! October 31, 2021: DN Components in WI

SOLD! Norton Boat Works DN Kit
Norton Aluminum mast
Norton wooden boom
Harken blocks
Boom and mast bags
Shore sail with 2 sets of battens
Sarns hardware
Sarns plate runners
All wood for hull
$1000.00 or best offer

SOLD! October 30, 2021: DN in Toronto, CA

SOLD! DN from Michigan, built in early 1990’s. Doyle Sail in beautiful condition. Wood boom, fiberglass composite competition mast. Plank for ~185 lbs. 3 Sets of Runners in rust free, excellent condition. Sarns bullnose plate runner, all 3 (1 fwd steering, 2 aft). One Low profile steering/front runner. Two aft stainless steel 1/8″ runners. Two aft stiffened long runners. Wood telescoping tiller. Optional custom trailer available for $500.00 CDN
Asking Price is $3000.00 CDN


SOLD ! September 20, 2021: 2 Class A Skeeters in NJ

SOLD! Two Class A Skeeters with fully furbished road ready trailer. INSTIGATOR was built and campaigned by Jay Yaeso. The other bubble boat was built by Pete Rochelle in conjunction with Tom Nichols. The latter boat was modified with a fastback design and a Yaeso carbon fiber mast as well. Both boats have full racing sail plans x3 and two sets of runners each. These boat have both had top finishes in the ISAs. The “red” trailer with both skeeters is located in New Jersey.
Both boats plus trailer $30,000.


SOLD! October 31, 2021: DN in MN

SOLD! DN. Great way to get into iceboating or for recreational sailing.   Completely refurbished with new stainless rigging, updated tiller, mainsheet and tune up of all moving parts.
$745 OBO.


SOLD! October 17, 2021: Nite in WI

SOLD! Nite #482
Delavan, WI
Original Sail
Additional specialized UK Halsey Sail
Covers – Boat, Mast, Boom
Always stored indoors, limited use, great shape

SOLD! October 25, 2021: Arrow in Madison, WI

SOLD! Arrow iceboat in nice condition for sale in Madison WI. Springboard added (removable if desired). Comes with padded full carpeted cockpit liner and seat cushion, two sails (one original class legal white sail and one not class legal, which is black Dacron) a Sunbrella sail bag, a full custom Sunbrella boat cover (mast up or down) and a couple of helmets if desired. No trailer included. A comfortable two-place side by side touring boat but we’re getting old, so it’s time to pass it on to a younger generation. $1,500

SOLD! October 15, 2021: Nite in WI

SOLD! Delavan, WI
Two seater Nite Ice Boat, sail # 252 (1983), located in Delavan, WI.
Rarely sailed. Stored indoors. Sail, mast, boom, and runners.

SOLD October 15, 2021: DN in MI

SOLD! Hobby DN Iceboat
(2) sets of runners, Hard Ice (Steel) and “Slush” wood runners- Angle Irons
Wooden Mast
Wooden Boom
Boston Sail, no holes or windows
Wooden Plank, Aluminum Chocks
Wooden Hull, vintage 70’s, fair to good shape
Stainless hardware for the most part, Halyards, Harken blocks and pulleys
Complete boat ready for some minor paint work to sail or use as-is
$550 or offer,
“Hobby” listed because you won’t win any worlds with it but you CAN have a lot of fun for little money!

SOLD! September 21, 2021: Vintage Skeeter in IL

SOLD! 1930s vintage Skeeter built by my dad. Has been in storage since 1952. Includes runners and plank but no mast or sail. 
16′ in length, 17″ tall, and 28″ wide. 
Must sell. All reasonable offers considered, cash only.

SOLD! January 21, 2021: Nite in WI

SOLD! Nite 160
Stored indoors, 3 barely used sails (Jim Gluek custom sail, and Charlie Miller CL1), custom made trailer, jack, 2 covers, one to haul and a winter cover. Extra battens, custom seat, S&R slider on boom, tapered main sheet, 2 sets of Harken ratcheting blocks on boom and deck.  Excellent condition.
Marinette, WI.
Willing to deliver within a reasonable distance.

SOLD! February 9, 2021: Arrow in MI

Front spring board. This boat is fast, fun and strong. It is ready to sail. It comes with all its parts.
$1,600 with trailer.
Located in Mi.

SOLD! November 6, 2020: DN in WI

SOLD! High-end DN program.
Kent CSI Balsa/Glass hull – bullet strong
Carbon CSI bow tang – best available
SS bow chock – Wire EDM, strong and attractive.
Original Ti adjustable step – My design copied my some guy in WI. My step pin is titanium
Ti “Team PISS” hull plates
Harken T-track deck block assembly – Best available
2 planks with Jablonski chocks. One Ash, one Birch – Very nice 180# skipper.
CC mast, Ugly Stick for 180# skipper – Excellent shape.
2 sails, Quantum JD Speed, North F01, – Great condition.
Custom wood boom with Harken blocks – Highly functional.
Runners, World class inserts, plates & angles – Talk to me
Covers for everything
NA Gold fleet, 3rd, 5th, 8th
Northwest 1st
4-Lakes Grand Slam 1st
Boxes of regional top 10…
Turn-key program
$6200 OBO no runners, (Let’s negotiate. Runners are world class)

SOLD! January 14, 2021: DN in MN

SOLD! DN with trailer.
1979 Hoot built DN Ice Boat with trailer.  We are the third owner. Ready to sail.  Great starter boat. Includes canvas cover.  Aluminum mast and boom.  Freshly painted.
Asking $2,500 or best offer, complete and ready to sail.
Willing to sell the DN without the trailer.

SOLD! March 12, 2021: DN in NJ

SOLD DN: Restored 60’s era (said previous owner) sail number #1353 ready to go sailing this weekend!
Sitka Spruce plank and mast, Newer Shore sail and older Boston sail.
One set of Sarns-type stainless runners.


SOLD! October 14, 2020: INSANITY Skeeter in NJ

SOLD! Class A Skeeter
Want to beat JD, Yaeso, & Orlebeke?
Want to win the ISA? It’s simple.
Just write me a check.
INSANITY is in MINT condition.
She’s won the ISA 4X.
She sports a new foam & carbon fiber runner plank.
THREE sets of brand NEW runners with carbon fiber stiffeners.
Three sails. Race ready. Sharp runners. $50,000.
New Jersey.

SOLD! January 6, 2021: Nite in WI

SOLD! Currently located in northern WI, this Nite (#104 built by S&R Marine), was sailed in December 2020 on Crab Lake. All parts are in good condition. Sail and hull covers, extra racing seat plus chocks. Always stored indoors. No trailer however, if not sold beforehand, I do plan to transport the boat to Oconomowoc WI.
Condition: VG
Price: $3,350

SOLD! January 29, 2021: Arrow in MI

SOLD! Arrow, tangerine with white accent stripes. It comes ready to sail with a sail bag, seat cushion, cockpit cover runner storage box and complete extra set of stays No pressure cracks lightly used. It’s always been keep in my garage.$2800

SOLD! January 23, 2021: DN in Montreal

DN made in Estonia, Sitka spruce
2 sails w/ bags (all purpose + full speed) in good shape (checked and repaired by Evolution Sailing)
Wooden mast by Steve Goodwin

Carbon fiber tiller, carbon fiber riser

Harken blocks
Sarns runners
Home made aluminum boom
Boat cover

SOLD! January 18, 2021: DN Chocks in MI

SOLD! 1 set of used Sarns aluminum chocks, with caps & bolts. Chocks are no longer threaded, and no nuts or washers are included. Some internal wear, but overall a fairly low mileage set in good shape.
$200 OBO
shipped to your door from Muskegon Michigan.

SOLD! January 29, 2021: Renegade in Toledo, OH

SOLD! Renegade 244. One family built and owned for 50 years. High quality parts and hardware and ready to sail immediately. Very good shape and stored indoors. Only used for “bay cruising” on Maumee Bay the past 10 years. No Trailer.

SOLD! January 4, 2021: DN in NJ

DN: 12′ hull, 95″ plank, 114″ boom, 189″ mast.
Runners are included but not shown in pictures
Boat is in New Jersey,
Asking Price $750/best offer

SOLD! January 20, 2021: Arrow in MI

SOLD! Arrow #182 w/open trailer
Originally bought as a parts donor, but my heart wouldn’t let me scrap her, so the hull’s been recently rehabilitated and is ready to sail.
Won’t win a beauty pageant, but would make a great second boat for giving 1st timers a thrill, or building beginners confidence for solo skippering.
Original spars, sail, and plank, with freshly sharpened runners.
Currently rigged and can be sailed from my yard if weather permits.
Located in Columbiaville, MI
$1200 OBO

SOLD! October 21, 2020: Skeeter in IL

SOLD! “Lady Les: – Cockpit forward A-Skeeter and custom trailer. Yellow paint.
Fuselage with carbon-fiber over wooden frame originally built by Bill Madsen for Peter Harken; spars from Ken Kreider’s rumble seat Skeeter.
Sitka spruce spars: Mast 26′; Runner plank 22-23′; Long spring board 154″; short spring board with mechanical spring shock 103″
4 Side runners: 5′ x 7/32″; 6′ x 7/32″; 51″ x 7/32″; 54″ x 3/8″
4 Steering runners: 34″ x 7/32; 35″ x 7/32 36″ x 7/32; 35.5 x 7/32”
2 Sails: one heavy air 75 sq ft; one regular main 74 sq ft.
Complete rigging with 3 horses; and one lifter.
2 new integrated trailer gear storage boxes 3′ x 8′
Blade sharpening jig for long blades with integrated belt sander.
Stored last 12 years and will need some clean up, adjusting, and TLC.
$4,000.00 Firm

SOLD! September 10, 2020: DN in Michigan

SOLD! Beautiful racing DN in like new condition. This is a “clone” boat which was built to match the hugely successful Composite Concepts (C2) boats built by Ron Sherry. This most excellent ready-to-race package includes: Like new Sitka spruce hull, max length, max width, with C2 carbon tiller, C2 carbon reinforced steerer tube, C2 hiking rack, Harken blocks on adjustable track, and C2 Mold and Design mast step.
– C2 Carbon insert runners, 3/16”, set of three, in custom padded carrying bag.
– Bullnose stainless plate runners, 3/16”, set of three
– C2 Carbon mast “Ugly Stick”, stiffness and rider capacity similar to C2 standard mast
– Dieform adjustable shrouds with T bar Struble hound.
– Aluminum boom with easily adjustable block locations and out haul
– Quantum sail, full, like new
– Quantum sail, speed, like new
– C2 plank with Strubel chocks
– Harken padded travel bag for hull
– Covers for mast, sails, plank, and boom.
It would cost well over $11,000 to put this package together. I am offering it for the bargain price of $5250. You won’t be disappointed.



SOLD! November 4, 2020: DN in NY

SOLD! DN: Wooden mast (or an aluminum mast, or both), plate runners, wooden boom, nice sail. Very nice DN.
I have two of these available.

SOLD! January 4, 2021: Nite in MI

SOLD! Nite #373 for sale, built in the 1980’s
Hull is in like new condition, never painter, repaired or left in the weather.
3 pristine, clean, crisp sails. Sails have had minimal use.
2 sets of cockpit cushions.
Extra set of new stays.
2 Jofa helmuts.
Sarns runner sharpening jig.
Ice screw and 3 horses.
Safety flares.
Padded runner carrier.
Trailer with new spare tire.

SOLD! December 14, 2020: Nite in Montana

SOLD! Nite in Montana
The boat is “STORMIN” which came from Michigan, and now lives in Montana (Bozeman). It’s in good condition. Includes full set of covers, a Nite sail, straight mast, and full set of cockpit cushions. Runners not included; no trailer. Its been fun – selling because I have too many boats; downsizing! Always stored indoors.
$2300 obo.

Iceboat Suppliers

Battens For Sale:
Do you want to go faster and be more competitive? I have a solution for this season. Battens made from quarter-sawn white ash, tapered to your requirements. Made in Wales, Wisconsin.
Send inquiries to /

Composite Concepts
35940 Carlisle Street
Clinton Township, Michigan 48035
DN World Champion Ron Sherry’s company has both DN and Ice Opti parts available.

Moore Brothers CSI
CSI combines technology and the experience of world class competitors totaling at least 10 World Champions into all of it’s products. Whether it’s a small fitting or a spar, performance is the underlying goal.

Dave’s Machining
David L. Yeadon
402 Milwaukee Ave.
Fort Atkinson, WI 53538
Dave’s Machining offers a large range of DN parts. Call or email Dave for a price list.

Econaway Abrasives Company: Custom Sanding Belts
Econaway has been fabricating sanding belts since 1953 in Grand Haven, MI. We provide belts for custom runner sharpeners in any size. We carry the best ceramic materials to sharpen hardened stainless steels and tool steels. Give me a call (Jim Schultz) at 616-846-2550 to help with your specific application or order from our secure site at

Gifts For Iceboaters
Look no further than this website for the perfect gift for the ice sailor in your life.

Gretchen Dorian Photography
Professional photographer Gretchen Dorian’s iceboat pictures have appeared in many major magazines. If you are looking for a gift for an iceboater, check out Gretchen’s website.

Harken Yacht Equipment
Home of the famous Harken blocks. Based in Pewaukee, Wisconsin, the Harkens are naturally ice boat skippers.

Iceboat Graphics
by Marketing Acuity

Hull numbers and ice boat graphics. Great looking vinly graphics to complement and enhance your craftsmanship. DN hull numbers, boat names, country flag graphics, and custom graphics. Be visible and safe with fluorescent safety stripes and graphics. Easy, secure online ordering.

Iceboat Jack
As seen at the November swap meet in Williams Bay. This jack is a real back saver and it is adjustable to work on DN’s, Nites, and just about anything with a plank.
Complete set of plans: $10.00
Kits which include the plans and all the wood parts cut to size: $35.

McCormick Lumber
3156 Milwaukee Street
Madison, WI
Your supplier for Sitka spruce, West System Epoxy, and many other ice boating related items. The McCormick family has been sailing ice boats with the Four Lakes Ice Yacht Club for over 50 years.

Quantum Sails Zenda
“Melges is ready to be able to be able to help the iceboating and land-sailing community of sailors with new sails, battens, covers and other racing materials.”
262-275-1110  ask for Harry Melges, Andy Burdick or Jim Gluek.

Northwind Ice Boats
80 Twin Fawn Drive
Hanover, MA 02339
(781) 826-8004
FAX (781) 826-2474
Steve Duhamel’s company offers a complete line of DN parts and gear.

RKR Composites
“For 14 years Bob Rast and RKR Composites have been developing composite DN masts. The end result is their line of extremely durable, competitive DN racing masts available at affordable prices.” Custom Runner Sharpeners available too. Call for pricing. 414-791-3056

Performance Sailing Products
4LIYC DNer Geoff Sobering has thrown his hat into the ring of the ice boat supply business. “Cool parts for fast sailboats, iceboats, and landsailers.”
Phone: +1 608-235-3746
1850 Sheridan Street Madison, WI 53704-3443

Skimmer 45
We hold the trademark and manufacture of the Skimmer 45® (formerly Lockley Skimmer 45) Iceboat. We are also a Vanguard Dealer, so we can meet your sailing needs year round.

The T-Hound / mast rotator / spreader bar fitting that you may have seen in action on DN 5224 (the neon yellow boat at the 2007 Worlds) is now available. There are a number of makes and models in use but if I may say so, this version is pretty sweet. It all but eliminates mast inversions, is very clean aerodynamically and allows full articulation at the shroud attachment. They look good too! Available to fit either T-Hound (Kent) or tang-style (Sherry) mast hounds. Designed for DNs but at least one is in use on a Jet 14. We have them for sale- Call or email for pics and price!

Williams Infusion
Composite DN Masts “Using Technology to build better parts.” Now making Ice Opti youth ice boats.

Ullman Sails Detroit
“We are proud to announce the opening of Ullman Sails Detroit – formally North Sails Detroit. All DN Sails are built and designed by Mike Boston. The F01, ABSS, MS-1 are constructed with 6.5 Contender Polykote, to the exact specifications and high quality standards provided in the past. Contact us today to place an order for the fastest DN iceboat sails available.”
Ullman Sails Detroit
24422 Sorrentino Court
Clinton Twp, MI 48035
Phone: 586.792.7212
Fax: 586.792.7279

Windward Boatworks
Suppliers of custom gear boxes for DN and Nite iceboats. Wire rigging, fiberglass supplies and custom composite work. We also do custom iceboat painting as well. 608-575-8033
W5302 Bend Rd
Princeton, Wi

Wing Masts
The ST 49 is a small,inexpensive, open design, box rule wingboat class. Initial testing has the STprototype hitting over 71mph Cruising speed- 60mph in 15 mph winds. If you want to build your own mainwing and flap I’m selling complete rib kits for- $170.00. Patterns – $30.00
John Eisenlohr telephone- 406 844-2168
Lakeside MT.

Light weight (3 oz.) and compact (5″ x 3″ x ¾”) ultrasonic wind meter uses patented technology to read current wind speed, highest positive speed (headwind), lowest negative speed (tailwind),
5-second average, and running average.

Yankee Ice Yacht Associations
For complete set of Yankee blue prints, contact the Yankee Ice Yacht Association c/o Mark Hancik, 305 Dey Grove Rd.
Monroe Twp., NJ 08831
732 446 4377
The cost is $75.00 US plus shipping, there are 26 pages of prints and all the frames are drawn to full size

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