Renegade Iceboats

International Renegade Ice Yacht Racing Association.
Affordable One Design Ice Yachts.

Rooted in DN & Skeeter Design

Elmer Millenbach’s timeless design introduced much of what modern ice yachting is today.

Organized in 1947

The IRIYRA was formed to promote the Renegade ice yacht.

About the Renegade Iceboat

The Renegade is an excellent boat for those seeking spirited on-design racing. It has been a winner and trend-setter ever since its unveiling in 1947, providing many of the design features found in today’s Skeeters. The Renegade bears 67 square feet of sail on a bendy wing spar, making it a powerful racing yacht in a small package. It is compact and light enough to be car-topped. The local Renegade fleet has seen tremendous growth as many skippers move to perhaps the fastest of the one-designs. For more information on the Renegade class, contact the Renegade Association. Detailed plans are available on this webpage in the links above or  from the IRIYA (for a mere twenty bucks).

Entries for 2021 Renegade Championship

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Name Sail Number Comments or Questions
Jeff Russell 253  
Brian Hearn 428  
michael p derusha 188  
Ron Rosten 19  
Jim Gluek 547  
Ken Whitehorse 422  
Clayton Selsmeyer 587  
Don Anderson 420  
Daniel Hearn 507  
Peter P Sarelis R-406

Traveling from Kalamazoo, Michigan This will be my first regatta in my recently built Renegade. Looking forward to meeting the fleet.

Daniel Bierman 520  
Andy Hopkins 152  
Dave Whealon 516  
Scott Shackelford 544  
Damien Luyet 544  
Greg McCormick 310  
George Gerhardt 123  
Michael Ripp 11  
Tim McCormick 385  
Name Sail Number Comments or Questions
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