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The annual dues is $25.00 for the 2015-2016 season, payable to the Secretary/Treasurer, Paul Krueger. Download, print, and mail membership form here.
January 8, 9, & 10, 2016 (Friday, Saturday, & Sunday) is the scheduled weekend for the 2016 regatta.
Agenda items for 2016 Annual meeting are due December 15, 2015. The 2016 ISA Championship Regatta Notice of Race is posted on the ISA page.


The annual dues for the clubs is $20.00 for the 2015-2016, payable to the Secretary/Treasurer, Paul Krueger, 3027 Siggelkow Road, McFarland, Wl 53558.
January 15, 16, & 17,2015 (Friday, Saturday, & Sunday) is the scheduled weekend for the 2016 Regatta.
December 15, 2015 is the deadline for items to be placed on the 2016 agenda.
The 2016 NIYA Notice of Race is posted on the NIYA page.

"Iceboating and the Inland Seas": A Talk by Archie Call

If you are in the Toledo area make plans to attend a presentation given by Archie Call, who sails Renegade #231, about iceboating at the Great Lakes Historical Society on December 9, 2015. More information here.

Black Ice Anniversary

One year ago, Lake Kegonsa froze over, the earliest that any of us could remember, and provided about 6 weeks of excellent sailing.

Picture of the Day

What iceboaters dream are made of, a perfect black ice day in Novosibirsk, Siberia.Via Alexsey Shestakov's DN Russia Facebook post.
Snow and 10F in Madison this morning means black ice on the creek outside. The Minnesota ice sailors just might be the first on the ice in North America soon.

Iceboats in Advertising: The Fabric of Wisconsin

Today we have two ads with Wisconsin ties from the golden age of illustration. The Bradley Knit Wear Company in Delavan, Wisconsin (right up the road from Geneva Lake)was stablished in 1904 and "... made all kinds of woolen knit goods, including swimming suits, sweaters and other sports apparel. This company was very important to the small town of Delavan; it was their chief employer, with 1200 persons working there when the company was at its peak. In fact, they often had to advertise in larger cities in order to keep enough workers."
The second ad placed iceboat sailing in the northwoods of Minocqua, Wisconsin, not usually regarded as an iceboating center because there's too much snow for consistent sailing.

The Real Northwest

"For the past week, I’ve been out sailing several times with Julian Yates, who owns “Ice Cube,” Yellowknife’s only working iceboat. Rumour has it there are two other iceboats in Yellowknife, but the sport has never really taken off due to the brevity of the season – by the time the ice is thick enough there’s usually too much snow for the iceboat’s skates." Continue reading. Tip of the Helmet to Julian Yates who brought iceboating to Yellowknife, Canada in the Northwest Territories. The article dates from November 2014 and Julian has since moved to a warmer climate. ("Ice Cube" is for sale on the Buy & Sell page.)

4LIYC First Meeting Tonight

Please join us at Angelo's Italian Restaurant (downstairs again) for the first meeting of the season on Wednesday, November 18, 2015 at 6:30 PM. Angelo's is located on Monona Drive, just minutes from the Beltline. The entire list of meeting dates is on the right hand column of this webpage.
This year's membership card features the mighty Deuce on Lake Mendota at last season's WSSA regatta. If you'd like to get one, join the 4LIYC!

van Acker Archives: Iceboating in America 1967

More from the Wim van Acker film archives. Be sure to look at this one for nostalgic shots of DNs, Skeeters, and Stern Steerers ice sailing on the east coast in 1967. Watch here.

Cutting out runners

Posted by John Eisenlohr on Friday, November 13, 2015
Montana Runners

Meanwhile in Montana, John Eisenlohr is cutting out iceboat runners.

Лед! Лед! Лед! First Runners On The Ice?

Grabbed this from Russian DNer Andrey Gilbert's Facebook page and if Google translate is correct, Andrey is one of the first in the world to set up a boat on the ice. He's on the Berd River in Novosibersk.

National Iceboat Authority: Change Summary to 2015 Racing Rules

Last week, the National Iceboat Authority released a new version of the NIA Constitution & Racing Rules which includes two new race course configurations, the DARLING COURSE and INLINE COURSE which may be used as alternatives to the STANDARD COURSE we’ve been using for many years. (Click here to see last week's post.)Today, NIA board member, Tim McCormick has released a summary which briefly describes the changes which have been made to the NIA 2015 Racing Rules. Click here to read the summary.

Gerry Knop

Gerry Knop has passed away. Obituary here. Rick Hennig wrote a great tribute to Gerry on the 4LIYC Facebook page. "I just want to let everyone know that Todd Knop's father, Gerhardt or Gerry, passed away on 11-11-15. He was the guy that started iceboating for all of the Racine crowd in the early 70s. He bought a B class stern steerer at the Racine Yacht Club one Friday night after a few Stingers then got all us kids together to help work on her to get her ready for action. Then he took us all out to Williams Bay. We set the boat up and we had the time of our lives we could not believe the speed and the power the boat would produce . We were all hooked and it all went from there to where we are now. He was a leader of men that taught us how to enjoy everything that is good in life and how to have fun.

Nothing will ever be the same with out our Leader, Gerry Knop."

Iceboats in Advertising: Couch En Fuego

At Sunday's SIBC Swap Meet John Davenport US4961 handed over a thumbdrive with the files from a commercial for a major cig brand that he was involved with back in August of 2000 on Lago Yehuin (Lake Yehuin) in Argentina. DNs were leased from John, Steve Orlebeke, Mark Isabell, Jeff Kent, and Mike O'Brien. John still races the same DN that he sailed in Argentina. The DNs were containerized, and shipped by air to Buenos Aires. They were trucked to Ushuaia from there. The shoot lasted six days

John and the boats traveled 13 hours by air from Chicago to Buenos Aires and then 3.5 hours by air to Ushuaia. They drove on Hwy 3 north of Ushuaia to the lake which is west of Tolhuin
John remembers, "The conditions were poor because of snow, but it was windy every afternoon, so we were able to get the shots they were looking for. The story board was this: A young man discovered a beautiful winter place. He sent a signal to announce his discovery to all his adventure friends. It was to be a big red balloon, but with the cold, it would not rise, so they skipped that. His friends came from different directions in all forms of winter machines and craft and they had their winter games. We stayed at a lodge on a nearby lake with great food and wine every night. One night, all the young models, men and women danced the Argentine Tango. Interesting that all the youth knew how to dance the Tango. There were a lot of areas with dead trees. Apparently, many years ago, they were looking for a new source of fur. Some knucklehead imported Beaver. There are no real predators there and the beaver have flourished. The local flooding kills the trees. It is a beautiful area at the south end of the Andes. It is also an anglers destination for large trout. Great people and food. The night sky was also spectacular as the seeing was excellent with very little light from towns."

Big Turnout at SIBC Swap Meet

The Skeeter Ice Boat Club hosted their annual iceboat swap meet on Sunday. The weather was made to order and the street was lined with stern steerers, Nites, DNs, Skeeters, and a Renegade all for sale.

Photo from the DN Finland Facebook page.

First Ice Check of the Season

UPDATE: 11-11: Nothing's "fickler" that iceboating (a classic Bill Mattison saying). The regatta was snowed out.
The ice sailing season in Europe kicks off this week on Jerisjärvi Lake in Finland. Read more about the Week 46 regatta here.

National Iceboat Authority: Important Announcement

The National Iceboat Authority is happy to announce the release of a new version of the NIA Constitution & Racing Rules. (Click here to see new version.) This new version includes two new race course configurations called DARLING COURSE and INLINE COURSE which may be used as alternatives to the STANDARD COURSE we’ve been using for many years. This allows race committees to select a course which is most appropriate for their ice sailing event. The new racing rules also contain:

  • Updated definitions and clauses to support the use of the DARLING COURSE or INLINE COURSE.
  • Clarification on yachts which must keep clear while approaching the windward MARK on opposite TACKS.
  • Updated restrictions on propulsion.
  • A new rule which prohibits sailing between the LEEWARD MARK and the starting line immediately after the start.
Please feel free to contact any of the NIA Directors with questions or comments.
UPDATE 11-13-2015:NIA board member, Tim McCormick, has created a summary which briefly describes the changes which have been made to the NIA 2015 Racing Rules. Read his report here.

Iceboats in Advertising: GMC Jimmy & More Camel Comics

  • 1985 GM Dealer's Brochure: JP Carnaghi US3743 shared another rare one. The photo shoot took place on Anchor Bay in front of Lollie Boston's (Howard and Skip's mother) home. Art Teutsch is under the boom, Bob Hutchinson US2983, JP Carnaghi US3743 (in red), Art's stern steerer, and Bob Schaibel's stern steerer are in the background.
  • Camels- Art Siebke: Art Siebke was a Skeeter sailor from the east coast who tried to attend every regatta he could. Sailing as a member of the Skeeter Ice Boat Club, Siebke won the International Skeeter Association championship in 1948. The ISA continues to award the Siebke Memorial Trophy to the skipper who travels the farthest to race his yacht in the annual regatta. Thanks to Jeff Moll for sending the Camel ads.
  • Camels-Buck Pellington: Not really the kind of iceboats we talk about here, but too cool not to share. The only information I can find about Buck is that he served in WW2 as an engineer and top turret gunner.

The van Acker Project: First European DN Championship

Dideric van Riemsdijk H467 inherited a treasure trove of 16mm films and photos from the 60s and 70s from the late Dutch sailor, Wim van Acker. van Acker who "initiated the DN relationship between Western Europe, Eastern Europe, and North America."
Fifty years ago in 1966, the first European DN Championship was sailed on the Neusiedler See, a lake between Austria and Hungary. There were 42 entries from Holland, Denmark, Sweden, Austria, Germany, and America (Frank Kreutzer of New York and Bill Connnell from Shrewbury, New Jersey.) From the DN Newsletter: "It was plagued with several inches of new snow. While the wind blew the two USA entries did pretty well (Frank Kruetzer won the first two heats), but when it let up, it became a dog-sled operation. Bill ended up 18th and Bill was 16th. The regatta was won by C. Kortenoever of Holland, followed by Jan Dick Wevers, Holland, Hans Bergkvist, Sweden, Konrad Gloeden, Germany, and RC Hoefhamer, Holland. In fact, Holland won 9 of the first 12 places." The 2016 DN Gold Cup and European Championship is being hosted by Austria in January and it is hoped that the Neusiedler See will see another regatta.

The van Acker Project: Vintage 16 Films & Photos

Dideric van Riemsdijk H467 inherited a treasure trove of 16mm films and photos from the 60s and 70s from the late Dutch sailor, Wim van Acker. van Acker started iceboating in the early 60s and he helped to introduce DN sailing to eastern Europe. He brought equipment to the Poles and Estonians and gave it away to them, telling them to "do something with it". (And have they ever.) van Acker served as European DN Commodore and also traveled to North America with his 16mm camera and watch for those films to be posted in the coming weeks. Here's the first film that's been posted.
UPDATE: Jane Pegel shares that "Wim VanAcker was a 'one of a kind' leader who initiated the DN relationship between Western Europe, Eastern Europe, and North America."

Wim van Acker, the guy in front, at the first European DN championship 1966.

  • Now with a skyline!
Iceboats in Advertising: Antifreeze & What Should Have Been

The first item is an unusal one from Harry Allen, where a photo of an iceboat was used on the product itself, Montgomery Ward's anti-freeze. Imagine a large display of these cans with their simple yet strong graphics; it must have been impressive.
The other two ads have been posted before in their original form but have been "improved" thanks to Photoshop. Madison Cigars finally has the right skyline and a 25 year old photo from Andy Gratton with his sister's Saab Sonett III posed with hisMike Peter's stern steerer, Snowbird II, drops right in the original Saab ad.

Iceboats in Advertising: Have a Cigar-You're Going to Go Far

Here we have an advertisement for a cigar so great, they named a city after it..and an egg on Bantam Lake in Connecticut.

Iceboats in Advertising: Bottoms Up

In two seconds, Bayer will take care of any troubles you may have had with the other products advertised.

  • 4LIYC members Jerry Simon, Don Sanford, and Dave Nelson welcome back Jack and Bill at the Dane County Airport

  • Bill Mattison returns to Madison. Wife Mauretta and granddaughter, Abbey, in the background.

  • Jack Ripp returns from Washington D.C.

  • Jack and Bill in Washington D.C.
Bill Mattison & Jack Ripp Honored

Our two most esteemed Four Lakes Ice Yacht club members and Korean War veterans, Bill Mattison and Jack Ripp, were honored for their service on Saturday as they participated in the Badger Honor Flight to Washington DC where they took the opportunity to see the memorials. Bill and Jack attended East High School in Madison together, both served in Korea, raised their families in Madison, and both pursued their passion for building, racing, and sailing iceboats. Both amassed an impressive record of regatta wins as well. So many, that I don't have time to count them up and will update later.

The Ben Show: Junior Ice Sailing Championships & Monotype Sailing

Nice documentary video from French sailor Benoit Marie from last season in Estonia. Ben handles a Monotype and then spends a windy day at the Ice Optimist and DN Junior championships.

16 Out of 17 Regattas Agree: El Nino Years Aren't That Bad

There’s been a lot of hype in the weather news about an upcoming El Nino that’s supposed to be the strongest ever. More precipitation and warmer temperatures are typically seen in El Nino winters. I wondered what the historical iceboat regatta records tell us about other El Nino years. (I obviously have too much time on my hands.)
I picked five years, 3 strong El Ninos (1958, 1966, 1973) and 2 very strong El Ninos (1983 and 1998). There were 17 major North American regattas scheduled for those years including DN Gold, DN North American, ISA, and Northwest. The results were suprising. Only one regatta out of 17 was not sailed during those years, the 1983 ISA.
So here comes another El Nino year. Here's what we can promise: There will be sailable ice somewhere at some time during the season. We can say that with confidence every year. (The late comedian Chris Farley, born and raised in Madison, had this to say about El Nino.)

Iceboating in Advertising: Discriminate

New York socialite, Mr. J. Bond Rogers, wants you to prefer Tareytons. This is the iceboat in advertising ad that first started my collection. I always been curious about what connection Mr. Rogers had to iceboating. At first, I thought he could have been the son of Archibald Rogers, neighbor of Franklin Roosevelt and 5 time winner of the Ice Yacht Challenge Pennant but that turned out not to be the case.
He was the heir to the Waitt and Bond of Massachusetts cigar fortune and yes, a socialite who was “a popular escort of debutantes and actresses such as Barbara Hutton and Jane Meadows. He was often photographed in the company of beautiful women. John served in the in the U.S. Army Air Force during World War II (1941-1945) as a C-46 pilot in the Air Transport Command. He completed 23 missions flying over “The Hump”, a dangerous, and for a good part of the war, top secret route from Burma to China. He and his squadron transported cargo over the Himalaya Mountains, with elevations as high as 20,000, causing dangerous air currents. They flew with poor visibility and few navigational tools by following deep gorges cut by the Salween, Mekong, and Yangtze Rivers. John and his fellow pilots earned the respect of their contemporaries and he received the Presidential Citation for his participation in that campaign.”
I can find no evidence of him owning or sailing an iceboat. It seems that he represented the kind of discriminating guy that the advertising agency thought would well represent their client’s product.

Iceboats in Advertising: Men of Action

Another classic ad, this time from Playboy Magazine and shot on Geneva Lake where there was a Playboy Club just a few miles from Fontana. The models are sitting on Lou Lonnecke's Skeeter, Slave Ship. Lou won the 1970 Northwest A Skeeter title in the boat which was built by one of the best Skeeter builders of the time, Bill Boehmke for Bob Cave Sr. Lou's father bought the boat from Bob Cave Sr. That's Bob Mereness and Jim Smith in the background. Lou figured that they used his boat because the white deck was visually appealing for the photo. Lou never had a chance to meet the models that day because he was at work. Slave Ship was sold and eventually the hull succumbed to the ravages of old Weldwood glue.
UPDATE: Steve Schalk provides some more background: "The boat in the background belonged to Bob Mereness. It is also a Boehmke skeeter. It is one of the round hull boats he built in the late 50’s. I think there were 4 of them. I know of three still in existence, including the boat in the ad that Bob sold to someone in Fontana. The boat is still owned by him in complete ready to sail condition."

Runner Tracks Magazine

Another sign that the iceboating season is kicking off, here's the September issue of Runner Tracks, the International DN Ice Yacht Racing Association's online newsletter. Click read it and see the latest DN Ranking list.

Previous posts from the 2015-2016 season here.