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NameSailBanquetQuestions or Comments?Payment Status
Jim La Fortune210YesPaid
Jim SmithI-34YesPaid
john dennisU194YesProcessing
Peter Sarelis Sarelis406YesPaid
Paul kruegerM-165YesPaid
Mike PetersC25Yes

2 people for banquet.

Steve SchalkI 564Yes

Because the payment goes to my Paypal account, and my credit card is registered on that account, Paypal won't let me complete a payment. I will have to collect cash from myself.

Jay YaesoU-311YesPaid
Dan MortonI-139YesPaid
John Jay DavisD74Not Sure, Will Let You KnowPaid
Bob CaveUS445Not Sure, Will Let You KnowPaid
Tim Mower5871Not Sure, Will Let You KnowPaid
Tom HyslopV738YesPaid
David FrostUsS 5358Yes

We will be only sailing Saturday and Sunday.

Chris HibbardI 51YesPaid
Doug Kolner515NoPaid
Daniel Bierman520YesPaid
Robert CumminsUS 3433Not Sure, Will Let You KnowPaid
Scott Shackelford544YesPaid
Pat HeppertI-291Yes

Iceboating is really hard...

Matt MeyerDN US5646Not Sure, Will Let You KnowPaid
Bob CrumS 495YesPaid
Scott WassDN 5417Not Sure, Will Let You Know

First time competitor so any help/information is greatly appreciated…..Don’t be afraid to yell at me

Rob EvansU 111YesPaid
George Gerhardt123YesPaid
George Gerhardt123YesPaid
Mike Boyle5199YesPaid
John HarperUS-60Not Sure, Will Let You KnowPaid
Clint VarsV8Not Sure, Will Let You KnowPaid
Brian JonesUS-1576YesPaid
Morgan JonesUS-5644YesPaid
Karen Binder5630YesPaid
James ThielerUS 5224Not Sure, Will Let You KnowPaid
Ed Demerest5914YesPaid
Steve SwantzDN 5464Not Sure, Will Let You Know

First time racing other than a few scrub races.

Jeff RoseberryUS5687YesPaid
Mike BloomUs 321YesPaid
Ken WhitehorseM 97

MJ registering for Kenny and Steve will collect his money

Mike Durusha188Not Sure, Will Let You Know

MJ registering for Mike Durusha, and Steve will collect the money

Bruce JonesUS3576YesPaid
Noah JonesUS5760YesPaid
Robin LagraviereKC5629Not Sure, Will Let You KnowPaid
Marzenski JacekKC 5247NoPaid
David FrostUS 5358Yes

Saturday and Sunday sailing only

Paul ChamberlandKC5700YesPaid
John StasielukDN 1474YesPaid
Jim McDonaghI294 Puffer / DN US 5214 (dual fleet me, please)Yes

Thank you all for coming up to Minnesota!

Michael Maloney599NoPaid
Martha Croasdale1873Not Sure, Will Let You KnowPaid
Jake SkalaUS5252No

I won’t be able to sail Friday but plan to over wknd.

Csilla GalS868NoPaid
NameSailBanquetQuestions or Comments?Payment Status