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What To Know About Iceboat Regattas

  • Iceboat racing is highly dependent upon weather and ice conditions. The regatta schedules list the dates when the regatta may be held IF ice conditions warrant.
  • The latest information will be posted on the SUNDAY before a scheduled regatta. When regatta conditions do not exist, the regatta will be postponed week by week.
  • For example, if a Northwest (NIYA) or ISA regatta is tentatively called ON the Sunday before the upcoming weekend, the ice will be assessed again two days later on Wednesday. If ice conditions are good, then a FINAL CONFIRMATION will be posted on that WEDNESDAY before the regatta. Both the NIYA and ISA regattas are 3 day events that take place on a Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.
  • The exceptions to this are the DN World, North American, and European championship regattas which are always held on the scheduled dates and never postponed.

Regatta Blog Posts

Stay up to date with the most recent updates and news about regattas.

Regatta Watch: 2023 Northwest Postponed to March 3 – 5

With 12 or more inches of snow now nearly certain at Lake Pepin, The NIYA Race Committee has decided to postpone without waiting for Wednesday, so the competitors can better plan their week. Next update is Sunday, February 26, 2023. Steve Schalk Secretary/Treasurer...

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DN Regattas

  • DN Western Challenge
    December 2-4, 2022 in Minnesota.
  • DN Western Regional
    Date: To Be Announced. 
    Official Information on DN North America.
  • DN World & North American Championship
    Date: January 21 – 28, 2023
    Host Region: Western Region (MN, WI, IL,, IN, IA, or UP of MI
    Location: Western Region or best ice in North America
    Official Information on the DN North America.
  • DN  European Championship
    Dates: February 18-25, 2023
    Location: Best ice in Europe
    Official information
  • Ice Optimist and DN Junior Championship
    Dates: March 4 – 10, 2023
    Location: Best ice in Europe
    DN Europe
  • DN Eastern Lakes Regional Championships
    Dates: TBA
    Location: Eastern Region
    Official Information on the DN North America.
  • DN Central Lakes Championships
    Dates: TBA
    Official Information on the DN North America.

Northwest Ice Yachting Association

Regatta updates are on the Home Page and NIYA page.
Learn more about this historic regatta.

International Skeeter Association

Updates are on the Home Page and the ISA Page.
Learn more about the ISA regatta.

Nite Nationals

Official information on the Nite website.

Renegade Championship

Regatta updates are on the Home Page and Renegade page.
Usually sailed in conjunction with the ISA regatta.

Wisconsin Stern Steerers Association

Regatta updates are on the Home Page and WSSA page

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