Wingra Wingers

Turn the sound up for this one! Wingra was again the place for DNs to be today. Via Dave Elsmo’s Facebook page:

Here is a little video from a rounding today! We had 8 college sailors show up to play, just not enough gear to get them all sailing. Bring your backup old hulls and gear to the ice!

Lake Kegonsa has iced over but it isn’t thick enough yet for ice sailing. There’s some precipitation likely Thursday, December 21 that we’ll all be keeping a weather eye on followed by prime ice-making temperatures.

The ice maker cometh!

Wingra First

Photo: Mike Barnett

Our littlest lake came through and provided the first opportunity for ice sailing in the Four Lakes region. Lake Wingra is in the heart of Madison near Edgewood College and our local DN fleet took full advantage in a nice breeze.