R107 (restored) enhanced and complemented with race parts from R512.
2 masts: One shown and McCormick race mast (from R512).
2 booms: One shown and race boom w/ unidirectional carbon over triaxial carbon (from R512).
New: (2) Rudder yoke & chock (aluminum), (2) mast steps (bronze & stainless steel).
3 sails w/covers: 2 race sails (North & Boston Doyle from R512).
4 sets of runners: 1 set brand new and hardened (from R512), 2 sets chrome plated w/boxes.
Additional: Spring-board w/ rudder yoke & chock and runner plank, chrome plated rudder yoke & chock (from R512).
Both runner planks trued & aligned by Ron Sherry runner alignment tool and confirmed with lasers to a 195 lb. skipper. Fast w/good spring-rates on spring-board and runner plank.
All stored in a heated and finished basement w/ cover.
SE Michigan,
(Two 4 eight) double-three 1, 65 twenty-seven. No texts please.