Iceboat collection up for sale includes:

WHIZZ with carbon fiber wing mast by Bill Bucholz, 36″ Sarns runners, 9″ Struble chocks, Henry Bossett sail plus new never used DN storm sail, covers for hull, plank, spring board, 1088 Okume used through out.
DN older fully functional DN built by Gruman Engineer. 30″ sarns runners and Sarns sharpening jig, covers for mast, boom and sail. This DN was acquired primarily for its mast which has stay extenders so it can be used on the WHIZZ when high winds were too much for Wing Mast rig. Custom seat pad and head rest.
2 LOCKLEY SKIMMERS one red, one yellow, both fully functional. Both have extended foot rests for more reclined seating. Seat hammocks strung with bungee cord
ALUMINUM TRAILER (converted EZ load aluminum boat trailer) will carry all 4 iceboats and equipment. Skimmers are on top of trailer, only DN and WHIZZ are enclosed along with all equipment. Top Gun canvas with layer of shrink wrap underneath, galvanized rims, new spare (not galvanized) LED running lights.
JET BELT SANDER #EVHS-80 with extra 80″ belts, Jig for clamping runners included.
All boats are equipped with throw ropes, and folding stands. 3 sets of Skunners, 2 for Lockley Skimmers and one set for DN or Whizz.
Delivery of collection to Midwest possible as I will be driving out to Colorado this coming February. Additional photos available upon request. $5,700 OBO Would consider partial trade for pocket skeeter.
Adirondack NY 12808
Bill Bernhard email: (518)494-2583 cell (631)897-0688