12 foot Mini Skeeter
Set up to sail DN rig, built to plan’s and has tube hole and tube to run a mini skeeter sail if you want to.
16 foot composite glass/carbon fiber construction DN mast.
45 sq foot DN Storm sail. DN Wood boom,
spectra stays, Sarns side adjusters. Adjustable foot rack,
Steering wheel controls, Ice brake on plank, with disconnect.
8 foot DN plank with Sarns chocks. And plank studs. 3 foot Spring board . Wheel doly to move to ice. Can be car topped.
Southern yellow pine bodies with 3 layers of glass and epoxy runners. Bronze bushing’s. Angle iron hardened runners powder coated blades, Surface ground and profiled.
All epoxy built, 6 oz fiberglass race cloth covered. Strip built plank. Strip built deck. complete and ready to sail iceboat. New build summer of 2017.
Never sailed, due to shoulder injury.
Beautiful boat.
Info me direct at b_langley1@yahoo.com
Boat is Located in Wareham Ma.