DN & Trailer
Goodwin design hull, minimum weight, max width
Light weight front tang
CR mast step
CR tiller head
Light weight tiller with auto detent
Harken main sheet track
Hull cover
Masts: 1 Meyer-Markham w/bag carbon fiber; 1 Ron Sherry “Quill Mast” with bag
Set of die form shrouds with Struble hound and Sta Master adjuster for forestay
Forstman boom with Harken blocks
Braided mainsheet
Sails: 1 North Speed sail with battens and bag; 1 North Full Sail with battens and bag
Plank with Struble chocks and bag
Runners: 3/16 440C Winged Sherry inserts with bag; 1/4″ inserts with aluminum stiffeners with box;
Minimum inserts with box
Trailer: Holds DN, spars and sails, can be pulled by compact car