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2014-2015 Season

This is Ray Ruge

Out in Maine, an vintage Skeeter with some Buddy Melges provenance has been restored this summer. In his post, Chickawaukee ice boater Bill Buchholz wrote, "the boat was designed by Ray Ruge, about whom we’d like to know more."
It's difficult for me to write about him because there's so much to say. He was an Eastern iceboat sailor, builder, and designer who wrote exceptional articles for sailing magazines about the sport. His papers and research are archived in museums. He was a contemporary and friend of one of the 4LIYC's most celebrated members, Carl Bernard (who won a ton of regatta titles in the 1930s-50s.) During WW2, he even lived in Madison and sailed with the club for a season. Carl Bernard's scrapbooks are filled with letters and photos from Ray, including the above magazine advertisement.
Bill is sharing some of Ray's ice boating articles on the Chickawaukee site and will post more. Read the first from December 1939 here. If Ray Ruge were around today, he would have the best ice boating website on the internet.

April 7, 2015

Spring Thunder In The Bay!

Mike Madge is enjoying spring sailing on Thunder Bay in Ontario, Canada. "We actually had two DNs out on Monday. I probably put 100 miles on the boat today.Sailed from 9:00 AM till 4:30.Beautiful 10-12 knts of south wind. Very fast sailing on hard ice."

Dawn Of The Skeeter

Skeeter skipper Jim Gleuk sends a nice reminder of the 2015 International Skeeter Association regatta on Little Bay de Noc in Gladstone, Michigan.

Iceboaters Heating Up New York City

Skeeter/DN sailors Jordan and Jake Glaser sailing their Standart Landyacht at Floyd Bennett Field, Brooklyn on Amelia Earhardt's old airstrip.

April 5, 2015

Around the World:
Never Ending Season

Photo via Michael Kroll Facebook
Mike Derusha, Andy Gratton, and Michael Kroll took advantage of the remaining ice on Little Bay de Noc in Gladstone, Michigan and gave people rides.


Photo: DN Nederland
The annual spring regatta on Lake Baikal in Siberia, Russia began on April 4th. Ron Sherry US44 won the first series of the regatta, the Asia Cup. Results and photos here.

April 3, 2015

Iceboaters Heating Up the Desert

Scott Young, Kyle Metzloff, and Jim Nordhaus
Congratulations to the top finishers at the North American Blokart championship sailed this week at the mecca of land sailing, Ivanpah dry lake on the California/Nevada border. Hard fought first place (performance class) went to last year's champion, Scott Young. 4LIYC had a good showing with Kyle Metloff second, Jim Nordhaus third, and Geoff Sobering third. We hope to see Scott Young try this stuff on ice next season!

March 29, 2015


Mike (r) Rigging his Renegade 188 | LIttle Bay de Noc, MI

Gretchen Dorian has posted some more amazing photos from the 2015 ISA and Renegade Championship. Look into the distance, past Mike Derusha's Renegade, to see a typical sight when iceboating on the Great Lakes, a freighter heading to Escanaba. See the photos here.
March 25, 2015

More ISA Photos from Gretchen

Jordan Glaser A Skeeter
Gretchen Dorian has added more photos from the ISA and Renegade championship regatta to her website. See them here.

March 24, 2015

Class C Skeeters at the ISA

Photo courtesy of
By Pat Heppert "Drifter" I-291t
"What a great racing weekend in the Upper Peninsula! Congratulations to all who raced as well as all who judged, helped and scouted. It takes a lot of dedication from all of us to pull this off in the middle of March, and I feel blessed to be among friends." Continue reading.

ISA Video Day

Several stern steerer skippers, including Joe Terry, joined us on the ice in Gladstone (aka "Happy Rock"). Here's Joe's video.

The ISA Videos Keep Coming!

This one is the A Skeeter finish from Friday's "bonus race". Thanks Minnesota B Skeeter sailor, Jim McDonagh, who we normally see in a DN and placed third in the B fleet.

March 23, 2015

Bob Pegel Memorial & Obituary

Bob Pegel had hoped for one more regatta this season and his family scheduled the memorial service accordingly, at the end of the season. The memorial is on Saturday, March 28 at Toynton's Funeral Home in Walworth, Wisconsin. MAP
10 a.m. visitation, 11 a.m. service.

Robert Edward Pegel, 87, of Williams Bay, Wisconsin died March 5, 2015. Bob was born on May 9, 1927 in Chicago, Illinois to parents Robert Emil Pegel and Eva Louise Mohler. Bob became interested in water activities while spending summers at Boy Scout camps in Michigan which were managed by his father. He graduated from Volta Elementary School, Lane Tech High School (Class of 1945) and Wright Junior College in Chicago.

Click here to read more.

Bob was a member of Columbia Yacht Club and Chicago Yacht Club. He raced on big boats on Lake Michigan and also raced Lehman dinghies, Penguins, Stars and in other classes. Bob was a partner in Kenneth A. Nelson Sailmakers in Chicago. As a sailmaker Bob and Ken obtained a patent for “square-work”, having a pre-made luff and foot rope inside of a tape. This was the continuation of a technique originated by Harry Nye.
Bob began coming to Lake Geneva, Wisconsin to go iceboating and was introduced to Jane Wiswell. On June 14, 1955, Bob and Jane were married at the home of the bride’s parents (Dr. Clifford and Beatrice Wiswell) in Williams Bay. Their only child Susie was born Sept. 13, 1956 at Lakeland Hospital in Elkhorn. Bob and Jane lived in the Edgebrook neighborhood of Chicago from 1955 until 1971 when they moved to Williams Bay. They opened a business, Sailing Specialists, which also became the new home of Nelson sails. Sailing Specialists became dealers for Laser, Johnson scows, Sunfish, Sonar, O’Day and Prindle and Hobie catamarans. Later Bob also built cold-molded scows using WEST system epoxy. These boats won many championships. Sailing Specialists was closed in 2009 when Bob and Jane decided to retire.
The Pegels were instrumental in the establishment of the Williams Bay Sailing Club which held Laser races on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday evenings. The Williams Bay Sailing Club hosted the 1972 Laser North Americans and 1984 U.S. Laser Nationals.
During his iceboating career, Bob raced an A Skeeter and won the Northwestern Ice Yachting Association championship and finished as high as 2nd in the International Skeeter Association championship. He was a commodore of the NIYA and a president of the ISA. He was a life member of the Skeeter Ice Boat Club and a founding member of the National Iceboat Authority. He later raced a C Skeeter (winning the ISA championship) and then a Renegade. Bob was a member and former commodore of the Renegade class and member of the DN class. He served as the head race committee person at DN championship regattas.
Bob joined the Lake Geneva Yacht Club in 1955 and was member #2 at the time of his death. He raced a C scow and an E scow with the sail number I-11. The Pegels won the Inland Lake Yachting Association E Invitational regatta, E Blue Chip and finished as high as 2nd in the E Inland and E Nationals regattas. At the Lake Geneva Yacht Club Bob served on the race committee, trophy committee and supervised the race committee boats the Flagship and Flagship II. Four times he was awarded the Dr. and Mrs. Will Lyon race committee trophy. In 2014 he received the Marie Kramp Award for Outstanding Service. In 2015 he was bestowed with the title of Race Officer Emeritus.
Bob served for six years as president of the Geneva Lake Sailing School. He was a member of the ILYA Bilge Pullers and received the ILYA race committee award. He also served as a member of the Lake Michigan Sail Racing Federation appeals committee. At the national level he was a member of the US Sailing Board of Directors, was active in Midwest area activities, chairman of the O’Day committee (national singlehanded sailing championship), and a certified race management officer and judge. He served as a judge for many national and North American sailing championships. In 2007 he was recognized with the title of Judge Emeritus. On a civic level, Bob served for many years as the Harbor Commissioner of Williams Bay.
Bob is survived by wife Jane and daughter Susie. A memorial service will be at Toynton’s Funeral Home in Walworth, Wisconsin at 11 a.m. March 28. Visitation will begin at 10:00 a.m. Memorials can be made to Lane Tech Alumni Association, 2501 W. Addison St., Chicago, IL 60618. Arrangements are being handled by Toynton’s Funeral Home.

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Double the Fun

Via Scuttlebutt Sailing News.
"Sailing and iceboating on Lake Erie, on Presque Isle Bay in front of the Erie Yacht Club at Erie, PA.
Photos by Caitlin Niemic." See it all here.

ISA Picture of the Day

Photo courtesy
Photographer Gretchen Dorian is busy today back home in Michigan looking through the hundreds of pictures she shot this weekend for more great shots like this one from the ISA regatta. Here's Ken Kreider throwing the checkers for Nite skipper Grant Frautschi on Friday.

In The UP News

March 18, 2015

Not On Facebook?

I've been posting iceboat regatta photos, videos, score sheets, and information to Facebook for a few years during my travels. It's always bothered me that many iceboat racing fans are excluded from seeing these reports because they choose not to participate in social media.

Facebook makes it too easy to share the on-the-ice experience from my phone because it's a matter of pushing one button, an irresistible feature when struggling to keep hands warm in 10F/-12C temperatures. At the end of a long, tiring day on the ice, posting to often ranks low on the priority list. Eating, a hot shower, and sleeping leave little time for the effort that the regatta updates deserve on

The goal of the auxiliary website to is to share in real time the excitement of iceboat regattas across all platforms- including an easily accessible and mobile-friendly website, Facebook, and Twitter. Everything posted to it will automatically post to Facebook and Twitter. Those of you who aren't connected to Facebook will be able to see these updates and not miss anything.

The 2015 ISA and Renegade Championship regatta will be the first time that I'll use this method of posting. I hope it works for everyone. If it doesn't, please let me know.
Check out the website here.


ISA & Renegade Championship Regatta Is ON for the UP

The ISA and Renegade Championship is called on for Little Bay de Noc, Gladstone, Michigan in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan for March 20, 21, 22, 2015. Launch at the Gladstone Yacht Club.
Ice conditions: 25" of rock hard ice. Mike Derusha and Ken Kreider have sailed it with their DNs.
You can drive with your trailer on the ice. Hotel and pre-registration on the ISA & Renegade Championship regatta page.

March 17, 2015

St. Petersburg Day (UPDATED)

"S-8 open class ice yacht, Saint-Petersburg, Russia" from March 7, 2015. Tip of the helmet: Andrey Ivolgin
UPDATE 3-18:
Some background of the S-8.
Stern steerer skipper Andy Gratton found this video last March of the 1968 S-8 championship sailed in Estonia.

S-8 skipper Andrey Ivolgin added some more information: "It's an open class S-8 (S stands for Svobodnyi - means "open" in Russian). S-8A with sails and S-8B with wing. Class rules requlates general dimensions and sail area - up to 8 sq meters. The history comes from 70s when there were up to 100 boats in USSR (to be confirmed yet), now we are actively rebuilding them as a good alternative to Monotype XV.... Now this is the only wing (8 sqm) repaired. We also plan to repair more, but now mostly focused on reparing iceboats with sail to make the class more popular. There were separate classes of wing iceboats for 12 sqm and 20 sqm, but now it's only part of history of USSR. We have no class website yet, but you can find us here (site, similar to Facebook, but mostly in Russian)." Andy Gratton took a look at the site and noticed, "No trip wires, 3 wheels to control. The top one is for steering, the bottom pulls the sheet in, and I think the middle lets the sheet out from the drum." UPDATE #2: Andrey writes, "Three-wheel boat is a kind of experimental one (there are no class rules restrictions for that). One wheel is used for forestay control and drum is controlled by pedal. Generally we have two wheels - one for steering and one for sail control + pedal." Join their Facebook group here.

March 16, 2015

On Wisconsin

Michael Kroll's video from Sunday, March 15 with Andy Gratton and Laura Kroll sailing the Wisconsin in Menominee, Michigan.

March 15, 2015

Regatta Updates

First the bad news:
Northwest: The Northwest Ice Yacht Regatta has been cancelled for 2015.
Then the good news:
ISA: The ISA has been tentatively called on for March 20, 21, 22, 2015. Potential sites include northern Wisconsin, Michigan, and Vermont. Final confirmation at 12:00 Central time on Wednesday, March 18, 2015.
Renegade Championships: UPDATE 3-16: In the event that the ISA is called on for Wisconsin OR MICHIGAN, the Renegade championship regatta will be sailed with the ISA on March 20, 21, 22, 2015.

March 8, 2015

Bob Pegel Memorial Service

A memorial service for Bob will be held at Toynton’s in Walworth, WI on March 28th. MAP
10 a.m. visitation, 11 a.m. service.
There is a very nice piece about Bob on the Lake Geneva Yacht Club website.

March 5, 2015

Bob Pegel
May 9, 1927 - March 5, 2015

A memorial service for Bob is planned for the morning of Saturday March 28th.

March 3, 2015

Don't forget to check out 4-Lake's own Deb Whitehorse real-time posts "from the ice" at the DN European Championships on the DN Nederland Facebook page.


This guy's dad, Jay Yaeso, just put the canopy on his new A Skeeter build up in the attic in Ashwaubenon.

Off to a Warmer Climate

THIS will not be happening...
While North America is in the deep freeze and our local lakes covered with snow, the webmaster is heading somewhere warmer, Europe, for the DN European Championship where the high temperatures are in the 30sF.
NEIYA DNer Oliver Moore said it best last year: "We don’t know where. We don’t know when... Heck we don’t know much." IDNIYRA Commodore Joerg Bohn's latest update narrows the possibility to two locations, either Sweden or Estonia. I'll be working with DN Nederland trying something new this year, expanded internet coverage for the regatta.
If all goes as planned and internet access is not a problem, look for updates, including score sheets, photos, interviews, and video on the following sites:
Dutch Ice Sailing website,
DN Nederland Facebook page,
DN Nederland Twitter feed.
We also hope to have drone footage as well.
Geoff Sobering will be in charge of this website for the next week or so. Many thanks, Geoff.

February 23, 2015

Junior DN & Ice Opti Worlds Photos

Photos from the regatta taken by Ron Rosten. See them here.

February 19, 2015

Junior Optimist & DN Worlds

Photo from the JWC 2015 Sweden Facebook page
The Junior Optimist & DN World regatta was completed yesterday. Congratulations to Estonian sailor Kevin Grass on his win in the DN class and to Estonian sailor Keith Luur for winning the Ice Optimist class. Ron texted me today from Vilnius and said that they had an incredibly positive experience. "Lots of stories to tell. Thor did not race because the wind blew hard for 2 days but he can't wait to get home and start on his Opti iceboat program. The Swedish kids were fantastic with him, he wants to come back next year as an experienced sailor and be with his new friends."
Final results.

4LIYC Business Meeting Last Night

The club held the annual business meeting last night at the Glass Nickel. Two agenda items were voted upon and both passed. Congratulations to AJ Whitehorse who was elected to the Honor Roll.
The proposal to change Four Lakes Ice Yacht Club Racing Rules Change Part II "Sailing Rules", Section F "Diagram for reference only": Replace diagram with the attached new diagram" also passed. See the new diagram here.

Voiliers sur glace en compétition à Kingston, Ontario

Another video from the DN Worlds- en français.
February 18, 2015

Junior Optimist & DN Worlds

Photo by Vytas Janusauskas from Šiauli? miesto buriuotoj? klubas - Siauliai City Yachtsmen Club Facebook Page
Day One Results
Day One Video from Lithuanian TV. (Go to 12:16)
The opening day of the Junior DN & Ice Optimist World Championships looks like it may have been a windy one according to a report on a Lithuanian news website.
Here's a very rough Google translation: " However, the weather conditions were not the best and Siauliai. For quite a strong wind and boats became broken. The junior (under 16 years) the match was stopped. They will be continued today. Older athletes race does not take place only extremely strong wind blowing, child - when the wind speed exceeds 10 meters per second. A similar level of competition held for the second time in Siauliai, Lithuania - third. Championship winners should turn out on Thursday or Friday. When will the race will depend on the wind."

February 17, 2015

Bob Pegel Recognized As Race Officer Emeritus

Bob Pegel in Trenton, Ontario in 1983
Via the Inland Lake Yachting Association:
February 14, 2015, in a unanimous decision, the Lake Geneva Yacht Club Board of Directors named Robert E. Pegel Race Officer Emeritus. The event marks Bob's retirement from decades of committee work at the Yacht Club and the Geneva Lake Sailing School. "Bob's contributions in a number of different capacities over the years have been invaluable to our club and to the sport of sailing. We are particularly fortunate for his dedication and expertise in race management, both at our club and at a national level. It is an honor to present him with this title," said LGYC Commodore F. Terrence Blanchard, who presented the Pegels with a copy of the Board Resolution, which listed many of Bob's contributions during his 60 years of membership.

See more.

This is the first time that the Lake Geneva Yacht Club has awarded this title. Resolution of Appreciation to Robert Edward Pegel The Officers and Directors of the Lake Geneva Yacht Club do hereby express their appreciation to Robert E. Pegel upon the occasion of his retirement from his volunteer activities. Whereas, Robert E. Pegel joined the Yacht Club in 1955 and has served for decades as a member of the Race Committee, Regatta Committee, and Race Committee Associates; as Principal Race Officer and Senior Race Officer; as a member of the Scoring Committee, Class M Blue Chip Regatta Committee, Judges Committee, and House, Grounds, and Waterfront Committee; as Associate, Chief, and Senior Judge; as member and chair of the Trophy Committee and the History and Archives Committee; and as Associate Chief Race OfficerEquipment, responsible for support boats, personnel, and the welfare of Flagship II from her construction in 1977 through the 2014 racing season; and Whereas, Robert E. Pegel has received each of the Lake Geneva Yacht Club service awards: the Dr. and Mrs. Will F. Lyon Trophy for Race Committee Service (in 1968, 1977, 1996, and 2001); the Sherman Trophy for Outstanding Service, Dedication, and Loyalty (in 2009); and, most recently, the Marie Kramp Award for Outstanding Service (in 2014); and Whereas, Robert E. Pegel served the Geneva Lake Sailing School as President two times and as a member of its Board of Directors for two decades; and Whereas, Robert E. Pegel's service to fellow sailors includes many years as the Inland Lake Yachting Association delegate to the North American Yacht Racing Union and the United States Yacht Racing Union, as member and chair of the USYRU and National Championship Events Committee, as chair of the US Singlehanded Championship, as member of the Class Committee (Class X), as Associate Appeals Committee member, as chair of the Race Management Committee, and as ILYA Recognized Race Officer and Judge, who in 2003 was the recipient of the Bilge Puller's Cannon "to recognize an outstanding volunteer from the ILYA's race management corps"; and Whereas, Robert E. Pegel was a United States Yacht Racing Union and US Sailing Association Senior Race Officer and Certified Judge, who in 2007 was named Judge Emeritus "in recognition of long and distinguished service to the Judges Program, to race management, and the sport"; now, therefore, be it Resolved, We hereby record our gratitude to Robert E. Pegel for his many contributions, and we bestow upon him the title of Race Officer Emeritus. Upon motion duly made and seconded, the foregoing resolution is adopted on February 14, 2015, by the Board of Directors to be read into the minutes and thus become part of the permanent record of the Lake Geneva Yacht Club.

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Junior Ice Optimist & DN Worlds

Photo by Vytas Janusauskas from Šiauli? miesto buriuotoj? klubas - Siauliai City Yachtsmen Club Facebook Page
The Junior Ice Optimist and DN Worlds starts today on Lake Rekyva in Siauliai, Lithuania. North American sailor Thor Rosten and his father, Ron, arrived Sunday and had a good day of training yesterday. Hope to have more photos and reports later today.

February 16, 2015

Short Track Stern Steerer

Via Andry Gratton: "Here is an unusual photo. The World Ice and Snow Sailing Assoc (WISSA) championships just occurred in Fond du Lac on Lake Winnebago this past week. We had about 50 competitors from 11 countries attending. We had an 800' diameter rink plowed off for the short track slalom event, so I used the rink to give rides in 'Wisconsin' during the party held Friday evening. I sailed four hours straight giving short rides the entire time. People were lined up like a carnival ride. Nothing like sailing 50 miles on 800 feet of ice. Top speed was 54.4 mph on skis with a kite on Saturday by Bob Cook from Madison."

February 15, 2015

Regatta Updates With Bonus Stern Steerer Kid

We remain on hold until the Great Zamboni chooses to arrive. In the meantime, enjoy Stern Steerer Kid, a perennial favorite.

Too much Satan's Dandruff (term stolen from Polish DN Forum) for ice sailing in the Midwest

The Northwest Ice Yacht Association regatta has been postponed until February 27,28, March 1, 2015. Check back on Sunday, February 22, 2015 for the next update.
The International Skeeter Association regatta has been postponed until February 27,28, March 1, 2015. Check back on Sunday, February 22, 2015 for the next update. The Northwest will take precedence over the ISA.
Renegade Championship
The Renegade championship regatta has been postponed until February 27,28, March 1, 2015. Check back on Sunday, February 22, 2015 for the next update.

February 14, 2015

One Last WSSA Video
- With Bonus Footage

George Gerhardt shot some leeward mark rounding videos at the recent Wisconsin Stern Steerers Association regatta. Here's the compilation with added bonus footage of Rosemary from the 1992 Northwest regatta. I needed another clip to fill out the soundtrack and it dropped in the timeline perfectly. Andy Gratton is sailing Rosemary in both videos. Read his story about the day in 1992 when Rosemary tipped over here.

It's a Kid's Worlds

Getting ready for the Ice Optimist and DN Junior Worlds on Lake Rekyva- Photo by Andrius Repsys from the Siauliai City Yachtsmen Club Facebook page
The 2015 Junior Ice Optimist and DN World Championship will begin on Tuesday, February 17 on Lake Rekyva in Siauliai, Lithuania. North America and the Four Lakes Ice Yacht Club will be represented by my nephew, Thor Rosten. He and his father, Ron, flew to Europe this afternoon. Ron will try to keep in touch with photos and reports from Lithuania. If you are on Facebook, follow the event here: Šiauli? miesto buriuotoj? klubas - Siauliai City Yachtsmen Club

Tom Hamill

Via Randy Rogoski on the DN Forum: " Tom Hamill died peacefully after a long illness at his home in Huntington Woods, Michigan, USA on February 13, 2015. He was 64 years old. In addition to his years racing a DN in the 1980s, 1990s and aughts, Tom built many DN hulls and masts He was a trim and finish carpenter by trade; also a luthier and musician; he sailed a trimaran in summer, trailering it to Lake Superior for long voyages. He also was a veteran of the United States Coast Guard. His DN hull and mast designs became popular in the 1980s. He developed the cold-molded veneer mast, at the time controversial, with which Jan Gougeon (1945-2012) won the 1982 DN world championship in Wittensee, Germany. Ron Sherry won the 1989, 1991 and 1992 DN North American Championships with a Hamill mast."
Full obituary.

Made in Montana

Here's another new iceboat design from John Eisenlohr built in Lakeside, Montana.

February 12, 2015

Toys In The Attic

From the Ashwaubenon attic workshop, here's the latest Skeeter creation from Jay and Felix Yaeso. Jay says "she's the sister to Bob Kau's Blue Beauty."

February 11, 2015

Runner Tracks Magazine

While North American iceboating country suffers in the snow doldrums, here's the February issue of the DN Class magazine, Runner Tracks to keep your mind on sharpening those runners.

February 8, 2015

While We Wait: 1996 NIYA

Another couple of Northwest regatta pictures sent by Susie Pegel. Here are the DN champions from the 1996 Northwest sailed on Geneva Lake. Lou Lonnecke won the class that year and has won the title six times. Lou won the E Skeeter title in 1970. From left, Todd Gamble, Jan Gougeon (two time DN NIYA champion), John Dennis (eight time DN NIYA champion), Lou Lonnecke, and Jane Pegel (eleven time DN NIYA champion).

Ron Sherry and Jane Pegel from the 1985 "Northwest That Wasn't". The regatta was cancelled on Saturday after a big rain on Friday night caused too many holes in the ice.

More from the Worlds

See over 100 of these amazing photos from Cathy Firmbach here.

February 6, 2015

Looking Back: The Northwest

UPDATE: Steve Schalk provides some clarification on these photos. "The photo of Bill and Spark are probably from the Northwest that did not get completed in 1985. It was at Geneva. It rained like crazy on I think Friday night and put holes in the ice. The wet dark looking ice and the age of the people look about right for that. The photos of Roger, Mike, and Bob are from much later. I would guess Green lake in 1995.... Roger won the Renegade NIYA at Green Lake that year."
Received a nice surprise in the mail yesterday from Susie Pegel, an envelope filled with pictures. Thank you, Susie! Above is Jack Ripp, Mike Derusha, and Roger Derusha from a Northwest.

Bob Pegel & Roger Derusha

Bill Mattison & Spark Lundberg

Letter to a Princess

Photo courtesy of the Tetzlaff family. Emil Fauerbach and Andy Flom in front of Fauerbach brewery on Lake Monona.
" I believe I was eight or nine years old when I first fell in love with PRINCESS II; I was skating near the shore of Third Lake (Monona) when she came cruising-along about a thousand yards out in the lake, and sailing along at what to me must have been fifty miles an hour, with my favorite pilot, one Mr. Emil Fauerbach at the rud[d]er, with his leg draped over the rud[d]er-bar and with his hands helping his partner pull the mainsail rope to get more speed. I think that picture will never fade in my mind."
Continue reading Ray Bareis' letter.
Peter Fauerbach shared this touching letter written in 1989 by Ray Bareis who was born in Madison in 1904. Mr. Bareis writes about the first time he saw Peter's great great uncle, Emil Fauerbach, sailing Madison's most famous stern steerer of the time, Princess II, on Lake Monona. He includes many fascinating details of what it was like to grow up near the Fauerbach brewery. Peter maintains a great website dedicated to his family legacy, the Fauerbach Brewery.

February 5, 2015

How to Race a Stern Steerer

Here's another video from the Wisconsin Stern Steerer regatta by Joe Terry where he provides a running commentary during race four. This one is definitely worth your while!

Interview with DN World champion Karol Jablonski

"...The average fan does not know that the day regatta start at seven o'clock, eight o'clock we are on the ice, check the equipment at the ninth we're at the starting line, so for another hour to practice, check ice conditions, choose the skids, do trim the sail. Then there are the races, often accompanied by strong winds and frost. This is an intensive investigation, where all the muscles are tense, come to stress and concentration. All in all, I'm on the ice eight hours." Continue reading the Google translation.

February 4, 2015

More WSSA: Gerhardt Photo Gallery

Overall WSSA Champions: Jay Yaeso and Bob Kau
Some shots of the stern steers and trophy ceremony from George Gerhardt here.

February 3, 2015

Jeff Russell Photo Gallery

4LIYC Renegader and Super Cub pilot Jeff Russell shot some excellent WSSA regatta photos with quite a few Skeeter pictures included. Take a look here.

C. Firmbach DN Photos

DN sailor and photographer Cathy Firmbach has begun to upload her photos from the DN Worlds and attempted North Americans. See them here.

February 2, 2015

Kingston Photos

 photo DSCF0507ew_zpspaqzrkkz.jpg
North Shrewsbury Ice Boat Club member Danny Connell
"I took over 200 pictures early in the morning on Wednesday January 28th on the frozen Lake Ontario at Kingston and have put 50 in an open account for you to look at. Most have been cropped and or slightly edited.... If any of your members or sailors want a digital copy of my original full resolution photograph, without my copyright watermark, they may email me a request via Please include my photograph number and the boat number. " Click here to see photos.
Gord Binnington P/Cdr CPS

Feel the Power

Here's a quick video of the Deuce rounding the leeward pin at the recent WSSA regatta and some photos thrown in for good measure. There's much more video and photos from that regatta to come!

February 1, 2015

Skeeter Catch Up

Another shot from Super Cub photographer Jeff Russell of John Dennis sailing his Skeeter on Lake Mendota last weekend.

Let's Catch Up

Photo from General Jeff Russell of the 4LIYC Air Force
Back from Kingston, Ontario where a successful DN Gold Cup championship was sailed last week. Congratulations to Karol Jablonski P36 for winning his 9th championship.
In case you hadn't heard, the North Americans fell prey to snow. The Buy & Sell Page is updated. Stand by for more photos from last weekend's successfull Wisconsin Stern Steerers championship regatta that was sailed on Lake Mendota and more about the DN Worlds. Many thanks to Geoff Sobering for holding down the fort in my absence.

January 27, 2015


Video from day 2 of the DN Worlds.

January 26, 2015

The Deuce: "Nothing But Power"

Dave Elsmo shot and edited this fitting video about the World's Largest Iceboat, the Deuce, on Lake Mendota during the Wisconsin Stern Steerers Association Regatta.

4LIYC Scores

Weekend racing scores, updated here.

January 25, 2015

WSSA Final Results

See them here.

January 24, 2015

WSSA Day One Standings

Check out today's results from the Wisconsin Stern Steerers Association Regatta on the WSSA page.

January 23, 2015

4LIYC Racing Called On

Updating from the DN Worlds here in Kingston. 4LIYC Commodore Ken Norton texted to me that Mendota is in good condition and was sailed by Jim Nordhaus. The club will sail in conjunction with the WSSA regatta. The World's Largest Iceboat, the Deuce, is on the ice! Call the 4LIYC hotline for more information.

January 22, 2015

WSSA Called On for Mendota

"The Wisconsin Stern Steering Association Regatta has been called on for this weekend, January 24 and 25, 2015, on Lake Mendota, Madison, WI. The launch area will be at Mendota County Park, NW corner of the lake off County M. Race area is east of Governor Nelson State Park. Don't forget that a permit is needed to drive onto the ice. See Andy Gratton on the ice for a permit or email him before Friday evening. First race is scheduled for 11 AM Saturday.
Andy Gratton
WSSA Secretary/Treasurer"

January 21, 2015

DN Worlds & NA: Kingston!

The DN Gold Cup and North Americans have been called on for Kingston, Ontario Canada. More information to follow on DN Forum and on the Hotline.
Follow some of the action here on the DN regatta page.

January 20, 2015

Scenes from the RC

Here's a compilation of the Nite and DN race starts from the regattas on Green Lake this past weekend with video and photos from George Gerhardt.
Watch here on Youtube.

January 19, 2015

George Gerhardt Green Lake Photo Gallery

Renegader George Gerhardt found time in between race flagging and picking up the line in the safety zone to take some photos of this weekend's regatta.
See the photo gallery here.

January 17 2015

DN Western Regional and Nite Regatta Reports

I'll be posting reports on the DN page this weekend. Off to breakfast.

January 15, 2015

4LIYC Racing Rules Proposal

January 21, 2015 is the deadline for submitting By-Law or Racing Rules Amendment Submission. Proposals will be voted upon at the annual 4LIYC Business Meeting on February 18, 2015. Following is a proposal that has been submitted:

Proposal to change Four Lakes Ice Yacht Club Racing Rules
Change Part II "Sailing Rules", Section F "Diagram for reference only": Replace diagram with the attached new diagram.

Download draft diagram here.
Submitted by Tim McCormick and Deb Whitehorse

Regatta Update: Nite Nats ON

Nites and DNs on Green in 2011.
Double the fun, the Nites and DNs will share a course this weekend on Green Lake.
"The Nite Nationals are on for Green Lake this Sat/Sun, January 17-18th, and will be sailed in conjunction with the DN's Western Regional. The new ice that formed on the west end of the lake has come in beautifully and was sailed Wednesday afternoon. Hats off to all the Green Lake sailors, Mike Miller, DN Western Commodore, and Don Sanford, Nite Commodore for working together to make this happen." Continue reading on

January 14, 2015

Regatta Update: DN Western Regional is ON

Photo: Peter Johanson
Via DN WR Commodore Mike Miller on the DN Forum: The final call for the 2015 Western Regional Regatta is ON for Green Lake, Wi west end of lake. A perfect sheet of 2 mile square area ice awaits you. All scouted areas this afternoon measure 6 inches thick. No seams or open holes. Launching from the Park on the SW corner of the lake off County Rd K. Plenty of parking in the lot. Trailers can be backed on 11 inches of rough shove ice. Trailers can be parked on the ice. There is rough ice extending out about 200 yards to the good stuff. Some of it can be sailed and some may need walking out. Good winds are predicted so bring sharp runners. We will share the course with the Nite Nationals. The DN's will have 2 fleets if over 40 boats. If less than 40, the DN's will have one start with trophies for both Silver and Gold. Decision on number of starts to be made at skippers meeting on Sat AM 9:30 sharp at the launch. First race for the DN Fleet at 10:30 AM." Continue reading.

January 11, 2015


The Pewaukee Ice Yacht Club and Four Lakes Ice Yacht Club have received two formal letters officially challenged for the Ice Yacht Challenge Pennant of America. See them on the Ice Yacht Challenge Pennant website. We invite all ice yacht clubs with Skeeters to challenge for the pennant.

January 7, 2015

4LIYC Meeting Tonight

We missed our usual meeting last week because of the New Year's Holiday. Please join us tonight at the Glass Nickel for our first meeting of 2015. Tonight is also the deadline for Honor Roll submissions. Here's an Honor Roll nomination for AJ Whitehorse submitted by Greg Whitehorse and Peter Fauerbach.

January 6, 2015

Makin' Wake

Joe Terry, Andy Gratton, and Mike Kroll powering through the snow drifts as only stern steerers can do on Lake Petenwell in central Wisconsin on January 4.
Watch the video here.

January 5, 2015

4LIYC Holiday Series Scores

Tom Hyslop after winning the 10 lap Bloody Mary Classic
Photo by Peter Fauerbach

Holiday Series standings have been tabulated thanks to Tim McCormick. See them here.

Skeeter New Year

Here's a short video from Peter Fauerbach of Paul Krueger and Bill Dale rounding the leeward mark on New Year's Day on Lake Kegonsa. The ice is now covered in less than 2" of snow and there's a chance for another inch or so tonight. Just as with the weekend storm, weather models aren't in agreement with snow totals.
Related: Wisconsin snow depth map

In The News

(From New Year's Day) "Ice boats cruise on Lake Kegonsa
Local ice boaters are hoping the snow stays away this weekend. Many of them were out on Lake Kegonsa in Stoughton Thursday ahead of the 2015 Western Regionals this weekend." See video from local station WKOW here.

January 2, 2015

Heaven on Earth

"The Gods do not subtract from man's alloted time the hours spent sailing." Greg McCormick R210
Video by Geoff Sobering racing his DN on Lake Kegonsa on New Year's Day. Today is the last day of snow-free ice on Kegonsa because a weather system is coming through on Saturday. Models are still fuzzy as to how much snow will fall upon that beautiful sheet. Best case scenario is less than 2". Here's hoping that the big winds arriving after the snow will scour the lake clean again. It's been an amazing, once in lifetime four weeks of ice on Lake Kegonsa.

December 31, 2014

4LIYC Bloody Mary & Holiday Series Racing Called On

Lake Kegonsa continues to maintain an excellent sheet of ice for iceboating. We'll hold the 10 lap Bloody Mary Classic tomorrow at 10 AM. (it's a fun race and doesn't count for club points.) There will be plenty of scrub racing with official Holiday Series racing starting at 2 PM.
However, the landings are not ready yet for cars.
DO NOT DRIVE ON THE ICE! Boats on trailers can put on a the Quann/Asmundson landing. The club ATV will pull your trailer on the ice to where it needs to be.
The Grand Slam, a fun regatta, has been tentatively called on for Saturday and Sunday, January 3-4, 2015 for Nites, Renegades, and Skeeters. Final confirmation will be on Friday, January 2, 2015 by 5 PM.
There will be two seperate courses on Kegonsa. One for the DN Western Regional regatta and the other for the 4LIYC Grand Slam regatta. DNs can carry on at Springer's or push trailers on at the Pleasant Spring's landing.

December 30, 2014

Winter Palaces

DN next to Alexander Column. The monument was erected in 1834 as a tribute to Russian victory in the war with Napoleon's France.
A group of Russian sailors put some wheels on a DN yesterday and rolled it to historic Palace Square of St. Petersburg. From the Facebook page of Yacht Charters of St. Petersburg.

December 28, 2014

Video Mania

One result of this early and amazing season is the quantity of so many quality ice sailing videos being published in the past week. It's hard to keep track of them all. Here are links to some you may enjoy from Montana to Michigan.
Canyon Ferry, Montana
From John Eisenhlohr
December 21 in "extreme conditions with gusts in the 40s"
Ice Boating with Sarah, teaching my daughter how to sail an iceboat.

Lake Minnetonka, Minnesota
From Mike Miller
"The GoPro got caught up in the leeward shroud, came loose, bounced on the ice before breaking a mount and camera slid to a stop. Took 2 days and a studded mountain bike to ride for 2 hours to find it. Worked perfect!"

Lake Petenwell, Wisconsin
From Joe Terry
"Sailing a Stern Steerer Iceboat on Lake Petenwell"

Lake Kegonsa, Wisconsin
From Geoff Sobering: Day One of the Western Challenge

Lake Skegamog, Michigan
From Ron Sherry: Wanna Go For An Iceboat Ride? Sailing with Griffin Sherry and Matt Struble.

Iceboating by Order of the President

FDR sailing Hawk (before he became president.)
Brian Reid of the Hudson River Ice Yacht Club has a fascinating write up on the opening of the iceboat exhibit at the FDR library in Hyde Park. One of the stories shared was when President Franklin D. Roosevelt intervened to keep the Coast Guard ice breakers out of the Hudson River.
"If we have the Coast Guard keep the Hudson open in the wintertime, there wouldn't be any ice-boating here in Hyde Park, would there? No, the federal government will not keep the shipping channel open during the wintertime," FDR said. "The reason is strictly off-the-record." From Cross, Robert. Sailor in the Whitehouse: The Seafaring Life of FDR

December 22, 2014

Ice Yacht Expo at the Franklin D. Roosevelt Museum

Photo Courtest of Brian Reid HRIYC
"Jack Frost"

There's a free exhibit of classic Hudson River Ice Yachts at the Franklin D. Roosevelt Museum in Newburgh, New York. But the exhibit only runs until January 3, 2015 so if you are in the east, make plans to get there soon.
The Hudson River Ice Yacht Club's Brian Reed has much more on this at White Wings and Black Ice.
(Jack Frost and the rest of the HRIYC boats were also the original contenders for the Ice Yacht Challenge Pennant of America. See the IYCP website here.)
"Sailing on the ice has been a winter tradition in the Hudson Valley since the 1800's. Until the invention of the automobile, ice yachts were the fastest vehicles on earth and attracted many rich and famous sailors.....including the Roosevelts. Mark your holiday season calendar to come and see FDR's ice yacht, Hawk and other examples of this grand tradition." Continue reading.

December 21, 2014

George Gerhardt Wins IRIYA Championship

Short report and scores on the Renegade page.

December 19, 2014

December Runner Tracks

The DN publication, Runner Tracks, is online and ready to read on your PC or tablet. Flipbook or other options.

December 17, 2014

2014 Renegade Championship
Called ON for Puckaway Lake

Photo credit: Peter Johanson
The 2014 International Renegade Association Championship has been called ON for December 20-21, 2014 on Puckaway Lake . The regatta will be a two day event. Renegade races will alternate with Green Lake Ice Yacht Club racing. George Gerhardt and Don Anderson rate the ice as an 8 out of 10. There's 7 inches plus of ice. Launch, racing, lodging, and banquet information on the Renegade page.
Map of Puckaway Lake.


Charlie Miller emailed this photo from a Wisconsin iceboaters get together held recently. He writes, "Charlie 80, Davey Nelson 75, Jack Ripp 86, Bill Mattison 86, and Burley Brellenthin 89. What one of these gentlemen is still sailing an iceboàt?"

December 16, 2014

And Now For Something
Completely Different

Watch Via DN Europe.
[Does it need to be said? Don't do this.]

First Rule of Holes

Lake Kegonsa developed some interesting drain holes that kept iceboaters fascinated (some more than others as you can see) on Sunday. The lake will need to be thoroughly checked before we know it's safe for sailing again. We are hopeful that when the cold weather returns, the lake will heal.

December 14, 2014


Photo: David Frost
No official racing on Saturday for both the DN Western Regional Championship or the 4LIYC Renegade fleet. However, there was fun to be had. See the DN page for David Frost's photos and report. We shall see what today brings. Off to the lake.

December 12, 2014


Normally you'd find Dean Kitchen racing his Blokart in the desert. Dean drove from Detroit to join the fun last weekend on Kegonsa and put together this video. A great take on his first ever iceboat regatta.

December 11, 2014

The Card

Photo by Tim Stanton
4LIYC membership cards have been printed and mailed. Thanks for your patience but as you know, it's been an unusually busy early season. Your membership helps maintain the website and the safety equipment we use on the ice. If you'd like one of these cool cards with your name on it, join the club. Only $20.

More Better Weekend Sailing

Photo: Peter Johanson
Jim Nordhaus and Wes Wilcox sailed Kegonsa on Wednesday and reported the ice to be in better condition than last weekend. The 2014 DN Western Region Championship is scheduled for the coming weekend of December 13-14 on Lake Kegonsa. Official information on the DN Forum.
4LIYC Chief Judge Peter Fauerbach will be setting up a seperate course for Renegade club racing. (Haven't heard if any Nites will race.) Final confirmation of club racing will be by 5 PM Friday as per by-laws. Will be another big weekend on the ice. See you all at Springer's!

Final Western Challenge Results

Photo: DN Nederland
Gold and Silver click here.

Ice Opti results here.

December 9, 2014

4LIYC Results

Photo: Peter Johanson. Renegader Trey Sprinkman
4LIYC Scorer Tim McCormick has tabulated the scores from the weekend. See them here.

2014 DN Western Regionals Primary Site Announced

Photo credit: Peter Johanson
Lake Kegonsa has been announced as the primary site of the 2014 IDNIYRA Western Regionals by Western Region Commodore Mike Miller. Please see the DN Forum for official information. Please note that the ice needs to be sailed because it has changed. "This was used last weekend for the Great Western Challenge sailed on grade 10 ice. A minor sleet/rain mix fell on Monday with some spots of thin shell ice over 1/4' puddles reported Tuesday. The cold temps the next 2 nights could heal it. It will be sailed by noon on Wed." There are other sites under consideration.

December 8, 2014

Western Challenge Revised Results

Gold and Silver click here.
Ice Opti results here.


Nice shot of Paul McMillan in his Renegade by Peter Johanson. We should have Renegade scores from the weekend soon!

One Lap At the Great Western Challenge

Enjoy a DN ride with Geoff Sobering.

This Is Us

Photo Credit: James Stevenson
There are over 100 people from across North America and Europe who are probably as tired out as I am this morning from the exhilarating weekend of Western Challenge DN & Renegade iceboat racing on Lake Kegonsa. There were 100 DNs registered, 12 Renegades, and 5 Ice Optis. Congratulations to the 4LIYC Meta Simon for her first Ice Opti win on Sunday and to the other Ice Opti competitors.

We will have Ice Opti and full corrected results today. Keep checking back for photos, reports, etc. Sailors came from around the world, including North America, Canada including 5 from Kingston, Onatario, and Nova Scotia- Minnesota, Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, New Jersey, Connecticut, Rhode Island, North Carolina, and Europe- Germany, the Netherlands, and Sweden.

Special thanks to the members of the Four Lakes Ice Yacht Club, a group of doers. Jim Nordhaus, Wes Wilcox, and Jori Lenon, who sailed the ice on Tuesday, Jim for taking it upon himself to build the wooden bridge making it easier to haul boats on and off the ice, Peter Fauerbach, our Chief Judge, who was the first one on the ice and the last one to leave, Commodore Ken Norton who lent a hand where ever it was needed and got a fast education on the thrills of DN scoring (too many numbers to call and not enough time to call them!), Daniel Hearn for making sure the DN Western Region ATV and trailer was stocked and ready to go every morning, and Treasurer Jerry Simon who keeps a diligent eye on the club finances. I hope I didn't miss anybody. I never have to ask for any of this to be done. Our club members just step in and make things happen. And final thanks to JD and Jim McDonaugh and the whole MN Ice Sailing Association for letting Lake Kegonsa be Minnesota's honorary ten thousandth and one lake for the weekend.
Keep checking back for more reports and videos today.
Western Challenge page.

December 2, 2014

1530 Western Challenge Update:
Yes! It's Kegonsa!

UPDATE #2: Jim Nordhaus, Wes Wilcox, and Jori Lenon sailed the lake and report excellent conditions.They have been drilling all over the lake and haven't found anything less than 4". Jim rates the ice a 9.99999. There's a manageable heave in front of Springer's parallel to the shore, and some "ice rubble" in front of Springers for about 100-200'.
Their thumbs are UP
UPDATE: The lake was walked and drilled. It's black ice and the report was very positive. The checkers saw nothing unusual. DNs will commence sailing at 1400 CST (2PM). Appointments and life got in the way of an early sail.

Lake Kegonsa in Madison, WI is currently the primary site of the Western Challenge. The Minnesota Ice Sailing Association and Four Lakes Ice Yacht Club are joining forces for the Western Challenge this year. Kegonsa is glass smooth and building ice. There were reports of 3.5-4" yesterday. The lake will sailed this morning by Jim Nordhaus so that we can give you the best ice report possible today. If you'd like to join in, please get in touch with me. Stand by for lodging and other details. I should have word by 1200 CST. The plan so far is that the 4LIYC Renegade fleet will rotate in with potentially 2 DN fleets.

December 1, 2014

DN Western Challenge Update: Head West...or East*

*if you are coming from MSP/SP

The announcement about the first fun regatta of the season has been made on "Primary site is La Crosse, Wi. Same as last years site. Secondary site is Green Lake, Spicer, Minnesota. Get your DN ready and let's do this! Lodging and the rest of the info to follow. We have multiple locations at this time."
Follow along here.

November 30, 2014

The Ice Yacht Challenge Pennant of America

1951: Eastern Ice Yachting Association's Ray Ruge, second from left with Ed Rollberg of the Fox Lake IYC in Illinois, right. Rollberg was the first to win the pennant sailing a Skeeter.
First sailed in 1881 on the Hudson River, the Ice Yacht Challenge Pennant of America remains one of the most prestigious trophies the history of American ice yachting. The IYCP reflects the development of American ice yachting. With its roots in the classic Hudson River Stern Steerer era, it has evolved in to a Skeeter class trophy. The Pewaukee Ice Yacht Club currently holds the pennant when Bill Dale and Peter Harken won it in 1991. The PIYC is accepting your club's challenge. Learn more about the IYCP and how to challenge on the new Ice Yacht Challenge Pennant of America website. Many thanks to Brian Reid of the Hudson River Ice Yacht Club for sharing his historic photos.

November 28, 2014

Watch This-Now!

Skeeters - speed sailing on ice from Sail Racing on Vimeo. A short clip from the 2013 ISA on Lake Kegonsa produced by the Swedish clothing manufacturer, Sail Racing. The best Skeeter footage and editing I've ever seen. You can also watch it here and continue to scroll down for a few more photos.

November 27, 2014

Thanksgiving Sail

Astro joined Rich Eckstein on the south end of Lake Winnebago today for some DN sailing.

November 21, 2014

Christmas in November

[UPDATE 11-24: Christmas in November was shortly followed by April in November when rain showers hung around the Madison are all weekend which probably sunk the ice.] Geoff Sobering sends along this picture from Jim Campbell of Lake Kegonsa just south of Madison which froze over last night. The earliest recorded Kegonsa freeze date that I could find online is November 27 in 1996. The club may need to have some sort of Thanksgiving fun regatta if the ice holds.

November 15, 2014


"...and the winner is...."
First runners in North America to hit the ice in for the 2014-2015 season though there may be competition from Montana and near Thunder Bay today as well.
UPDATE: Not so fast, Mike Madge up in Thunder Bay, Canada has been sailing on an inland lake since Wednesday, November 12. In fact he's been sailing so much the past three days, he had to take a break today to rest his arms.

Above is a screen grab from a one minute video from this weekend's All Saints Regatta being sailed in Finland. Watch it here.

November 14, 2014

In the News: Yachting World

"I watched the last America's Cup and thought that those crews could have been even better if they had trained on the ice, he [Karol Jablonski P36] maintains." Pick up the December 2014 Yachting World Magazine to read Matthew Sheahan's report on the 2014 DN Worlds and European Championship. Click here to purchase and download a digital issue on your computer or tablet.

November 11, 2014

?????? (First!)

Andrey Gilbert posted this video and photos today on his Facebook page of the opening of the Russian ice sailing season in Novosibirsk. Meanwhile in Finland, the Johnny Köhler Cup and All Saints regatta will be sailed this coming weekend in Painuanlahti.
Here in North America, word on the street is that the Minnesota sailors will be looking for sailable ice in the next few days. Alexandria, MN, the site of a few Western Challenges, has an extended stretch of ice making weather.

November 4, 2014

Know Your Rights

Test your knowledge of the sailing rules with the interactive test from DN Europe. The test contains a pool of 16 questions with drawings. Three of the questions are randomly displayed and there are 2 answer options. Your results are immediatly displayed after the test on a scoreboard. All questions and the terms used in the test are in accordance with the ones used in the original NIA Rules. Take the test here. Want to study the rules first? Read the nine racing rules of the National Iceboat Authority on page ten of the NIA Constitution here. See the 4LIYC racing rules graphic here.

October 10, 2014

Life On Ice

Cabin Life magazine has an article (written by me) about recreational ice sailing in the current issue. You can pick it up at a retailer or download a digital version on Amazon.

October 18, 2013

A Great Opportunity

DNs on Lake Kegonsa at the 2013 DN Western Lakes Regional Regatta
"Potential DN'rs, (Please pass along to others that may be interested) Winter is around the corner, and that means ice boating season is upon us. For those that are interested in doing some sailing, but don't have the time, money or some other barrier to putting a program together, we have a great opportunity for you this season. Active DN'rs, spearheaded by Daniel Hearn, are putting together a few DN programs and Ice Optimist with some equipment that was donated to him (for this purpose), along with some of his own and others extra equipment. If you are interested in being actively involved in assisting putting together one of these development programs, it would be available for your use at various local and travel events this winter. We are going to begin assembling these programs later this month. Please let me know if you are interested in participating in this program. You won't regret it!"
Thanks, Mike 4LIYC DN Fleet Captain
email: mike.s.barnett AT