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Print by Harry Whitehorse:
Wildest Renegade Race

Fauerbach Champions of Iceboating Poster Series

Jon Soyka's Professionally Produced Ice Boat Videos

Gifts from Sail La Vie in White Bear Lake, MN:
Classic Ice Boat Poster
Vinyl Ice Boat Design Decals

New! DN Ice Boat Mug


$25 Includes Shipping in US
High quality embroidery
Available in red or black

6 panel twill, Buckram lining not only makes for easy embroidery,
but also ensures a classic shape that lasts.

Only $25 which includes shipping and handling to US addresses only.  Contact the webmaster to order one today. Email for overseas shipping rates.
Available in red or black.

$25 includes shipping in the US

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$25 Includes Shipping in US
High quality embroidery
Available in red only.

Performance knit cap Keep a cooler head in this knit cap that features a textured moisture-wicking lining.
Fabric:60/40 cotton/acrylic, 100% polyester lining

$25 includes shipping in the US
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Customize your jacket, blazer, vest, hat, and more
$6 Includes Shipping in US

High Quality Embroidery
2 1/2" in Diameter

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Champions of Ice Boating Posters Series

Iceboating Champions Poster Series of Three Major Champions
Ron Sherry: 13 major victories in DN and Renegade Class
Bill Mattison: 31 major victories in Class A and Skeeter fleets.
Jack Ripp: 20 major victories in Renegade and Skeeter fleets.

Posters are 11" x 17"
Unsigned -- $12 plus shipping ($30 plus shipping for all three)
Autographed -- Please contact us. We have a limited number available
Contact Peter Fauerbach to purchase poster

Four Lakes Ice Boat Club DVD

$25 Includes Shipping in US

Volume 1: A Look Back In Time
A Retrospective from the Four Lakes Ice Yacht Club

Since the 1800's Wisconsin has been home to champion ice boats, ice boat skippers, and designers. Take a look back in time with this brand new DVD with four great iceboating videos. 

Total running time: 18 minutes.

Ice Boating in Wisconsin takes you first to Lake Geneva in the early 1960's for a glimpse of some Class A Stern Steerers including Ferdinand the Bull and the Deuce as they round the weather mark. Step into our iceboat time machine. The place is Lake Geneva , Wisconsin . The date…well the dial is set to 1951 but this time travel isn’t an exact science so we could be off by a year or two either way. 

Even so, it’s fun to see a couple of these classic big boats including a Johnson with it’s famous Banana Spar having fun as they take a few hot laps past our intrepid lensman. “Don’t ever try this at home or on the ice” is our motto for this video. After all, in those days iceboaters didn’t even wear helmets.

Then it's off to Pewaukee where you'll have a ride in the front of a tandem Skeeter with ice boating legend Bill Perrigo at the tiller. Back in Madison , this time in color, you'll watch Skeeters and Renegades race on Lake Monona. Watch for Bill Mattison's fast starts! 

When Big Boats Were Big takes us to Lake Monona in the late 1960’s. Take a look as several Class A Stern Steerers take to the ice for a little racing. You'll see several of these classic yachts including the Deuce, Ferdinand the Bull, the Fritz, and the Mary B.

How do you tell them apart? The Fritz is red, the crew in the Mary B rides backwards, the Bull in green and behaves like a forklift truck at 80 mph.

Skeeters at Speed brings us back to the 1990’s and takes you for a ride in the ultimate speed machine, the Class E Skeeter. You'll ride right behind the skipper and get an up close and personal look at these ultimate ice yachts. You'll be traveling around 50 or 60 mph across the ice on Lake Mendota , so hold on tight! 

It's a rare opportunity to see what it's really like to be in the middle of a race with these ice boats. Put your helmet on and grab that remote!


A Limited Edition Print by Harry Whitehorse
Print Size: 28" wide x 22" high
High quality acid free paper.Less than 90 Prints Available.

Click to see larger image

Prints From Original Oil Painting Now Available!
Print Size: 28" wide x 22" high
Printed on the highest quality acid free paper
$75.00 plus shipping. 
Wisconsin residents add 5 1/2 % Sales Tax
Only 110 prints were made.
Contact Debbie Whitehorse for more information. 
Email or telephone 608-221-1289

"The Wildest Renegade Race" tells the true story of one of the most outrageous Four Lakes Ice Yacht Club races ever sailed.

Set on Lake Monona against the beautiful backdrop of the Madison, Wisconsin skyline, artist Harry Whitehorse recreates the moment in January 2003 when twelve Renegade ice boats meet on what looks to be a collision course at the weather mark in a 30 mph snow squall.

Relying on thorough research, Harry painted each boat with incredibly accurate detail. The prints were made from a highly advanced digital photograph of the original oil painting completed in March 2004. 

With each print ordered, you'll also receive a copy of the story "The Wildest Renegade Race EVER" first published in the Blade Runner Newsletter in 2003. "The Wildest Renegade Race EVER" Excerpt from The Blade Runner, Volume 7, Number 2, Winter 2003:

"Six boats tore away from the starting blocks on port, another six blasted away on starboard. Then the snow came. Approaching the windward lay-lines skippers found difficulty seeing much of anything, let alone the yachts sailing around them. The boats on the other tack were far of, (for now) invisible in the blinding snow.

Where did the mark go? No one could see it yet everyone was heading for the same spot. As six boats approached what they hoped was the windward mark one large Menard’s plastic tarp could have been draped over all of them.

Suddenly Gary Sternberg’s boat, So What, which had been quite jumpy all day, leapt from the ice. Its windward runner shot up almost perpendicular to the surface. If Sternberg dumped it here he was going to collect three or four other boats with him. Somehow he brought it down shiny-side up.

Boats were wildly hiking, others were skidding on runners dulled by a hard day of racing. And all were looking for a way to round the mark and remain in one piece. When it looked like things couldn’t get any tighter, in rushed four more Renegades on port in front of the starboard dog pack......." Continue reading the full story, "Wildest Renegade Race EVER" from the Blade Runner Newsletter.


Contact Jon Soyka for more information.

P.O. Box 60554 Mountain Plaza Postal Outlet

Hamilton, Ontario L9C 7N7

Canada Phone/Fax: 905-388-5840 

Add $8 for shipping and handling charge

1997 ISA Regatta, Madison, WI 63 minutes $20

1998 DN Worlds, Lake Champlain 90 minutes $20

1999 DN World, Montreal, Canada Includes an interview with DN legend Don Dallard 4 hours $40

1999 ISA Regatta, Green Bay, WI $20

2001 Wisconsin Stern Steerers Assn. Regatta, Lake Geneva, Wi & The DN 2001 Worlds $20

2002 Northwest Ice Yacht Association Regatta, on Lake Kegonsa, Madison, WI 2.21 Hours $20


Classic Ice Boat Poster

Classic Ice Boat Poster:
Profile drawing of six historical iceboat designs, DN60, Nite, Renegade, Lateen Stern Steerer, Stern Steerer, Johnson Class A Stern Steerer, dating from the late 1800's to today. 

Poster is 11" x 17" on 24 lb. natural parchment paper. 

Poster Price $10
Shipping $3.50

Contact Brigid Thompson or phone, 651-251-5494

Vinyl Iceboat Design Decals

Click to see larger image.

White vinyl decals of your favorite iceboat style. Choice of DN, Nite, Renegade, Skeeter and Stern Steerer. Decals are approximately 6 ½” high. Application instructions included.

$8 each plus $2.50 shipping

Brigid Thompson 651-251-5494

Ice Boat Mug

Click to see larger image.

Ice Boat Coffee Mug
11 oz ceramic mug with DN Design on 1 side, dishwasher safe. Also available in other ice boat designs. We can also customize design with your club name/logo on other side. Contact us for custom pricing.
$11 each or two for $20

Brigid Thompson 651-251-5494