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NOVEMBER 21, 2014

Polar Bear 10 Meter stern-steer iceboat. This boat can accommodate two sailors. The iceboat was originally named “Red Bird”. It has been completely restored and is ready to be sailed. Most of the hardware has been upgraded. Custom trailer with new tires. I am an avid iceboater and retired shop teacher who does this as a hobby. Pictures of this iceboat are available for interested buyers. Harrison TWP, Michigan, on Lake St. Clair.
Contact Mick 586-465-5915
or email at

NOVEMBER 21, 2014

Nite # 341​,​ "Nite Time". Complete and ready to sail: Trailer​,​ with spare tire​, special design to carry everything you need. Special "Cap'n Dave" crafted stainless brake Custom wheel rig so one person can get the ice boat from the trailer to sailing on the ice. Two planks (one stock and one for racing) Two sets of covers. Stored inside and everything in great shape. Excellent condition You need nothing, just hook up the trailer and head for the ice ​Located near Bantam Lake in Litchfield, CT. New, this complete rig sells for about $11,000. I am offering everything for a no-dicker price of $5000
Hugh Schoelzel 860-567-8518

NOVEMBER 15, 2014

Custom DN runner sharpener
1 1/2 HP reversible motor, 3450 rpm, 90 x 2 inch belts.Includes 3 2x2 inch steel platen aluminum cast tracking unit. Adjust from 90 to 100 degrees. Weight 60 lbs. FOB Oconomowoc or nearest regatta.
Also have custom composite masts, one new $1300. Also custom mast available.
Contact Bob Rast 414-791-3056

NOVEMBER 15, 2014

DN Equipment For Sale:
2010 Goodwin design fuselage ready to go (Top 10 every NA's since it was built) w/ travel cover
2012 Atkins Custom Plank w/ Struble chocks clear coated
2013 Atkins Custom Plank glassed and primed ready for paint and Hardware 2014 Atkins Custom Plank Blank can be shaped for any weight range
2012 Forstmann Boom with custom block adjuster, outhaul, Harken carbo blocks, jaw and sheet
2010 N/S FO-1 light use and brand new bolt rope
2013 N/S FO-1 used 3 times light air only
Goodwin Fuselage w/ most parts Sherry style plank with Sarns chocks and hardware
Padded mast bag
Brand New Gun case
Contact: Chad Atkins
Located in RI

NOVEMBER 15, 2014

DN hull, plank, tiller, and runners. No mast or sail. I've never sailed it. Extra set of chocks. Stored in heated garage.

Asking $1250.
Located near Detroit.

NOVEMBER 14, 2014

DN 859
Great condition. Low number indicating that is beautiful antique boat. I am located in Helena, MT.
Bill Erwin

NOVEMBER 12, 2014

Nite #246. Fast Orange. For sale by original owner. Boat is in very good condition. Two sets of runners with the newer set in excellent condition. Newer North sail, also in excellent condition. Cockpit cover, snap in seat cushion, everything you need to go sailing. Located near Minneapolis $3800
Rob Evans (612) 275-6010

NOVEMBER 10, 2014

Vintage Skeeter class iceboat. Builder and age unknown. I've had it for 15-20 years. 18' hull, 22' mast, 10' boom, 16' runner plank, and 10' springboard. Sail fits boom/ mast and in fair condition. Battens intact. Springboard is broken about 2.5' from the rear. Includes runners, hardware, pulleys etc. Hull and plank need work. Mast and boom in very good condition. No trailer with the boat.
Located in Wisconsin.

NOVEMBER 10, 2014

Nite in good shape. Stainless steel blades sharpened to Nite specs by a local machinist on a automated high tech grinding machine. They are stored in the wooden case shown in the pictures. Sail is in great shape and was made by "Shore Sails". Newer springboard purchased from S&R. Springboard and plank repainted. New foot pedals from S&R. Includes everything in the picture including the almost new trailer (MN lifetime license), storage tubes, sail cover, mast cover, cockpit cover, snap in padded seating and side cushions, old spring board and some spare rigging parts.
Alexandria, MN
Larry Pearson 320-760-7110


Ice Optimist: Great boat for young kids to learn on! Max weight about 120 lbs. Includes: Hull, rig, sail with bag, and runners with box.
Located in southern WI
Julie - 262-325-1154 or

NOVEMBER 9, 2014

C Class Skeeter

Any reasonable offer accepted

Turn key boat includes 20ft mast,
21ft hull including springboard, foot pedal & wheel steering. Two sails, one full, one blade. Covers for hull, mast, plank, boom & sails. Royal blue Awl Grip paint & custom graphics. One set of runners w/sharpening jig. Toolbox with all tools necessary for boat. Would also consider trade/partial trade for a Nite.
Please contact Chris at
(631) 466-6442 or
Boat is located on Long Island, NY
Click photo to see larger image.


Enclosed Haulmark narrow V nose trailer. Comes with 1 Renegade. Holds 2 Renegades. (Slo Motion has sold) Use it as a trailer, iceboat garage, or club house. Located in MI/OH area.
call 517-260-7797 or

NOVEMBER 5, 2014

RENEGADE 541 SO-WHAT. One of the four McFactory boats. Complete ready to race package. This is a very competitive boat and has finished in the top 5 in most of its regattas. Package includes 2 sets of runners. 1 set is a Russell set, original and an Iver Johnson spar. Many sails and batten combinations, 2 sails have never been up the stick yet. Full trailer and set up covers. Two place galvanized trailer with newer deep storage 10 ft. box. All that's missing are the racing conditions. Located near Oshkosh, WI.
Asking $10,500/reasonable offers considered.
Gary Sternberg (608)445-2628

NOVEMBER 3, 2014

DN trailer, holds up to 4 boats. Enclosed with a soft top.
Asking $450 OBO.
Located in Minnesota.

OCTOBER 28,2014

Very competitive Polish DN (built for 2009 Gold Cup)
Sherry Runner plank w/ Struble chocks Polish built hull
Sherry stiff tip Whip mast
Sherry 3/16" runners: 2 36", 1 30" (carbon body)
Sarns Plate Runners: 2 long, 1 short Proctor Alum boom
skinny t's
1/4" Swedish built runners (carbon bodies)
Harken padded hull cover/ zip bag Quantum JD Speed sail
1D speed sail
Doyle F01
Covers/bags for all of the above.
Total $8000
Pieces can be reduced for less $.
Lots of pictures available on request.
Located in Illinios and delivery available to southern Wisconsin.
Cell: 847-508-1281

OCTOBER 23, 2014

DN. Light blue body with white mast and boom. Spare aluminum mast, two planks and runners. Setup mast is wooden. Southern Wisconsin.
Asking $1950.
Henri 608 235-2853

OCTOBER 11, 2014
New Sarns DN hardware: chocks, mast base, steering posts, etc. This is new hardware that has never been used. Shipping to contiguous US 48 states as noted below.
Mast Base $44, free shipping (and no tax)
Mast Socket $29, free shipping (and no tax)
Mast Step $44, free shipping (and no tax)
Bushing set $33, free shipping (and no tax)
Outhaul bracket $32, free shipping (and no tax)
Side Chocks $190 , $10 shipping (and no tax)
Chock plate set $75, free shipping (and no tax)
Double Arm steering w/spring $100, $5 shipping (and no tax)
Steering post and head $65, $10 shipping (and no tax)
Tiller attachments straps $20, free shipping (and no tax)
photos available See my ads for new Sarns bullnose runners, new DN planks and booms George US5250
george -(a-t) marketingacuity (dot) com
517 980 4609
OCTOBER 11, 2014
New Sarns 30" bull nose runners
Black powder coat.
These have never been used. A couple of small scratches and a few crazings in the powder coat but that won't slow you down! MSRP is $880. Yours for $700 and shipping at cost (or pickup in E. Lansing, MI or see you at a regatta!)
George US5250
sieglege (a-t) spamarrest do t com 517 980 4609
OCTOBER 11, 2014

DN Planks - new
Strip built, Laminated Ash / Spruce / Ash
My DN planks are made from Michigan White Ash skins, native to our area, over a white wood core (Spruce or Pine). I use a strip construction because it creates repeatability of process and reduces the chance of plank twist as the wood ages. This adds time and materials to the building process, but I feel it’s well worth it versus the single-piece skins and core method. And I’ve never had a report of one of my planks twisting or failing yet.
The planks are constructed with West System epoxy and the areas between the chocks and the hull receive a round over aerodynamic profile. I can usually get a plank to within 1/8" of your target deflection, based on your weight and the kind of mast you are sailing. Planks are built to near-max length, and I tune using plank thickness and also with the width (between 6 1/2" and 7").
Planks start at $325
Options available for full glass cloth wraps, West 207 Special Coating (UV Resistant), tinted finishes (grey, white, black), and Spar Urethane.
Can be shipped. They are just under max length, so UPS will accept them. Photos available on request. Will trade for other DN equipment.
See my ads for new Sarns bullnose runners, chocks and more.
George US5250
sieglege (a-t) spamarrest do t com 517 980 4609

OCTOBER 11, 2014

DN Boom - new
Condition: New
Year: 2014
Price: $125
Contact info: George
Phone: 517-980-4609
sieglege (a-t) spamarrest do-t com
DN Boom
• Ash
• West System Epoxy
• Hollow in middle
• Finished with Helmsman UV Drilled for eyestraps, you supply hardware.

Photos available, e-mail me. Located in Michigan.

OCTOBER 6, 2014

Battens For Sale: Tired of having a bunch of battens that don't match? I have a solution for the 2015 season. Battens made from quarter-sawn ash, tapered to your requirements. Made in Wales, Wisconsin Send inquires to:
Specify lengths and flex

SEPTEMBER 30, 2014

Skeeter Iceboat all complete and ready to sail. Stainless steel hardware and runners. Sharpening jig for runners. Cockpit cover. This is a very fast and fun iceboat! Garage stored when not on ice. Measurements: Hull with springboard: 24' Plank: 16' Mast: 20' Iceboat is located in Oshkosh, WI. I may be able to help with transportation if needed.
Call John for more information
(920) 216-6672

SEPTEMBER 26, 2014

Trailer-Make me an offer.
Located in NJ

SEPTEMBER 21, 2014

Renegade & Trailer
Many new and extra parts. Extra set of new blades, new spar and diamond wires, new stays, new boom, new covers for the plank and mast. Old blades are very serviceable. Sail/race with a blade alignment. I've sailed this boat three times since I've owned it. Trailer has less than 100 miles on it. It has a fiberglass (catamaran) box on it. Located on the east side of Madison. $5300 OBO
For more details call: Mark Nelson
608-221-0512 Call or email me with your phone number and I'll call you back on "my dime".

AUGUST 18, 2014

J14x - C class Skeeter "247"
This is a Jack Jacobs built boat, I was just the helper on the project. Early on in the build Jack sat at the workbench, and redesigned the J14, right now this boat is a one-of-a-kind.
Photo 1
Photo 2
Boat, and trailer - $6000
Walt Ward - Boyne City Mi.

AUGUST 11, 2014

Two North DN sails from Detroit loft-

The first is a North ABSS sail, built 2012, always stored dry and cool, battens never tensioned unless racing. Windows in great shape. Cloth still crispy! Great all-around sail. Medium amount of depth. Includes battens with custom adjusters, can adjust batten tension without removing mittens! $650

The second is a North MS-1, built 2012, also stored dry and cool, battens never tensioned unless racing. Windows in great shape. Overall like new. Includes battens and same custom batten adjusters as above- Flattest North DN sail, great for clean ice and breeze or for a lighter skipper. $650
Contact T. Thieler at 401-258-6230 or for details
Think ICE!!!!

JULY 31, 2014

E skeeter, tandem, built in 1968 off of Kuemmerlein plans. Sharpnack blocks, 2 sails, mast busted, all other rigging is there, and trailer goes with it. Hasn’t sailed in last 15 years since that unfortunate day I hit an open patch. $2200.00 obo.
Located in Wisconsin.
Call Tom 715-334-3028

JULY 17, 2014

The Sodus Bay Boat Museum in New York is selling its Mead Glider Batwing iceboat. This is an original, unrestored, iceboat, is complete except for one runner, and basket (seat) hardware. Repair needed to one side seat (bottom is loose, but not broken). Asking $3500.00. Have lots of recent photos.
Email to Ronald Bill for details.

JUNE 11, 2014

Renegade #163, completely refinished and ready to go.
Asking $4,000.00.
Located in Michigan.
Please call 269-731-4090 for more information.

JUNE 11, 2014

I have two chain-stitched mainsheets in-stock that I'd rather not have lying around all summer, so I'm discounting them from $55 to $40 (+shipping). They're constructed from 3/16" Sta-Set double-braid; one is red with white flecks (the photo), and the other is white with red flecks. If you're interested, send me a message:

APRIL 1, 2014

Renegade: Completely restored and sail/race ready. Boat built in Toledo, high crown plank, excellent for slush and black ice. It has covers and two sails. Located in Oshkosh, WI
$6500 $5900
Reasonable offers considered
Contact Tyler Sternberg at
(608) 213-5446 or by e-mail at

MARCH 28, 2014

CSI plank for sale-
Cedar and glass, 2 1/2" of crown, bends 1 1/2" with 190 lb of weight. Good for a heavier sailor or take a sander to it and soften it up a bit.... Gloss black Awlgrip paint, foot pads installed, holes drilled for Struble chock studs.
Contact T for details
James "T" Thieler DN US 5224
12 Channing St. Newport, RI 02840 401 258 6230

MARCH 28, 2014

Struble Chocks for sale-
all cut out for Kent-style stiffeners. Studs included-
Contact T for info-
James "T" Thieler
12 Channing St. Newport, RI 02840 401 258 6230

MARCH 25, 2014

E Skeeter “Thin Ice”. Last of the wood rumble seaters, three sets of sails, and two sets of runners. The boat comes with a trailer, not the best, but it works. This boat is in great shape and ready to sail. Located in northern Minnesota.
Contact Jeff at 952-292-7331 or
Any reasonable offer accepted.

MARCH 17, 2014

Pair of DN angles of top quality materials and workmanship. Formerly owned by chanpion Todd Gamble and I have used only a couple of times since owning them.
Call me for details @ 612 202 8588 or see Mike Bloom on the ice.
I paid $700 and will take best offer.

FEBRUARY 18, 2014

Complete DN (used) - $8500

1. Williams Infusion resin infused composite hull

2. Williams Infusion resin infused composite plank with struble chocks (for 220 lb. skipper)

3. Williams Infusion resin infused composite fiberglass spar

4. Williams Infusion aluminum boom with adjustable pulleys

5. 3/16" 100 degree slot side runners 6. Sarns easy lead-in front runner
7. Harkin blocks
8. Die-form shrouds with sta-masters and struble hound
9. North Sails F01 sail.
10. Dieball Sailing speed sail (not yet used)
Located in Ohio.
cell: 419-779-3099

FEBRUARY 12, 2014

FO -1 DN Sail
Thunder Bay
(807) 577 2109

JANUARY 21, 2014

Ice Opti. Built to Goodwin supplied plans with racing in mind. Sitka spruce construction, Epiphanes varnished. Purpose made Ice Opti sail from Wisconsin via Daniel Hearn. Includes Sarns standard profile runners. Turn key boat sailed twice before my son outgrew it.
Price: $1700
Burlington, Ontario Canada
905 332 3245 or

JANUARY 8, 2014

Stern Steerer: Timberboat Marconi rig, 3 seater build by Norbert Salseiter and Andy Gratton. Flies a runner all day like a Hobie Cat. With trailer. Very comfortable backrest seating with lots of storage. Custom trailer included. $3000.00

Contact: George Gerhardt
Oshkosh, WI

JANUARY 2, 2014

B Skeeter-needs work, complete but some assembly required. Must go- new boat coming
Located on Long Island, NY
Martin 631-277-5757

JANUARY 1, 2014

28' trailer built to hold 2 skeeters. New tires, new bearings, single axle, 2 wooden boxes, and has title.
Asking $1,500.00 OBO
Located in NJ

DECEMBER 31, 2013

Monotype XV
New boat, complete with trailer and ready to go. Race as Class C sternsteerer. A very active class in Europe, this is first Mono to be built in the USA. First class construction and hardware throughout. Located in Maine.
Bill, 207-236-8048 evenings.

DECEMBER 30, 2013

New Sherry runner aligners used once. $325.00
Sherry plank with new struble chocks. # 165. $750.00
New Struble chocks standard width. $225.00
New Dieball sails avalible after NAs. Full and speed. $750.00
Possible trade for 30" stainless inserts.
All equipment can be delivered at NAs Contact J.R. Francis

DECEMBER 13, 2013

1980's DN ice boat in excellent condition, complete with all the accessories.Located in northwest Iowa; Hawarden.
712 540 0846

DECEMBER 11, 2013

J14X Skeeter
Carbon fiber mast and boom
Custom Doyle Sail and sail cover Carbon fiber on springboard and plank Carbon fiber on cockpit and on hull bottom
Custom leather seat
Stern steering wheel
Sarns runners
Cockpit cover
Vinyl travel bags for all parts $9,950.00
Located near Detroit, MI
Contact Kevin Sherry
(313) 570-3544

DECEMBER 3, 2013

Class E Skeeter. Harken fiberglass hull (rumble seater). 26' carbon fiber mast. 22' airfoil shaped plank. $7,000. Dan Clapp (NJ) (732) 751-1212.

DECEMBER 2, 2013

Ice opti with very little use. Includes runners, plank bag, boat bag and everything needed to race. Quantum ice opti sail is like new.
$1650.00 Pewaukee, WI.
Bill Bischoff 414-588-3188 or

NOVEMBER 29, 2013

DN style hull with bow sprit and 10’ plank. aluminum/fiberglass mast. Good sail. Fast and recreational use. Located in WI.
Contact Dave 608-780-6784

NOVEMBER 26, 2013

2008 FO1 Sail for sale in good condition. Thunder Bay, Ontario.

807 577 2109

NOVEMBER 25, 2013

Quick change mast step. Black anodized, stainless ball. $125.
Call Lou Loenneke 262-903-6464 or Clinton Renji 262-649-6946
Located in southern Wisconsin.

NOVEMBER 25, 2013

7/8th’s scale DN built in 1973 with original drawings and bills. Hull color is blue and it’s in great shape, not sure if it ever sailed. Would make a great boat for kid or small adult. Sell outright or trade boat and Alum. DN mast for newer carbon/epoxie mast.
Located in Michigan.


NOVEMBER 15, 2014

Restoring older DN and looking for used, reasonably priced: sail, mast step and sail tack bracket.
Madison area.

NOVEMBER 3, 2014

Looking for Renegade mast and plank. Hardware is not needed but maybe considered. I am located in Southwest Michigan and willing to travel. Contact

OCTOBER 6, 2014

Used Lockley Skimmer. I'm in Minnesota.
Contact Ron 651-653-6914

AUGUST 23, 2014

Carbon mast for J-14. Located in New York.
Please contact

AUGUST 17, 2014

DN Runner Sharpening Machine. New Adjustable angle
Dan Clapp NJ 732-673-7702
Or email

APRIL 4, 2014

Looking for a DN sidecar in the New England area.

MARCH 18, 2014

Renegade parts for a project. Need hull and mast, complete or partial. Will consider any thing for Renegade or whole boat even.

JANUARY 21, 2014

I am looking for a JX iceboat sail. This is the X version of the J14. email

NOVEMBER 24, 2013

Looking to trade 1984 17' O'Day Daysailer with trailer for ice boat. Any boat considered. Albany,NY.

NOVEMBER 24, 2013

Looking for a nice used C Skeeter sail in Wisconsin.
Patrick Maher
262-903-six five seven seven


Composite Concepts
35940 Carlisle Street
Clinton Township, Michigan 48035 Phone:586-790-5557
DN World Champion Ron Sherry's company has both DN and Ice Opti parts available.

CSI-Composite Solutions
DN sailor Jeff Kent's company, CSI combines technology and the experience of world class competitors totaling at least 10 World Champions into all of it's products. Whether it's a small fitting or a spar, performance is the underlying goal.

Dave's Machining
David L. Yeadon
402 Milwaukee Ave.
Fort Atkinson, WI 53538
Dave's Machining offers a large range of DN parts. Call or email Dave for a price list.

Dieball Sailing
"Dieball Sailing is the newest and freshest sailmaking group in the United States. Born from years of work with the larger sail lofts (formerly North Sails Toledo/Cleveland and Quantum Sails Toledo/Cleveland), in 2009 we decided it was time to do our own thing."

Harken Yacht Equipment
Home of the famous Harken blocks. Based in Pewaukee, Wisconsin, the Harkens are naturally ice boat skippers.

Iceboat Graphics
by Marketing Acuity

Hull numbers and ice boat graphics. Great looking vinly graphics to complement and enhance your craftsmanship. DN hull numbers, boat names, country flag graphics, and custom graphics. Be visible and safe with fluorescent safety stripes and graphics. Easy, secure online ordering.

McCormick Lumber
3156 Milwaukee Street
Madison, WI
Your supplier for Sitka spruce, West System Epoxy, and many other ice boating related items. The McCormick family has been sailing ice boats with the Four Lakes Ice Yacht Club for over 50 years.

North Sails New Jersey
DN World's Champ Henry Bossett's site includes both summer and hard water sailing information

North Sails Zenda, WI
"Melges is very pleased to announce that the Zenda, Wisconsin based organization is ready to be able to be able to help the iceboating and land-sailing community of sailors with new sails, battens, covers and other racing materials. With the addition of Jim Gluek the Melges Team is now fully geared toward being able to service your iceboating needs. Jim is an excellent ice boater with the eagerness to help customers enjoy the sport further. His expertise in sailmaking is a wonderful addition to the Melges Team."
2010 Price List
262-275-9728 ask for Jim Gluek, Harry Melges, Andy Burdick or Charlie Harrett.
262-227-6686 /

Northwind Ice Boats
80 Twin Fawn Drive
Hanover, MA 02339
(781) 826-8004
FAX (781) 826-2474
Steve Duhamel's company offers a complete line of DN parts and gear.

RKR Composites
"For 14 years Bob Rast and RKR Composites have been developing composite DN masts. The end result is their line of extremely durable, competitive DN racing masts available at affordable prices."

Performance Sailing Products
4LIYC DNer Geoff Sobering has thrown his hat into the ring of the ice boat supply business. "Cool parts for fast sailboats, iceboats, and landsailers."
Phone: +1 608-235-3746
1850 Sheridan Street Madison, WI 53704-3443

Sailing Specialists
PO Box 40
Williams Bay, WI 53191
(Note, we no longer have a FAX line and the business phone has been transfered to the house.)
Contact: Bob or Jane Pegel
Now stocking Sarns runners and hardware, and everything else related to ice boating.

Sarns Hardware
Since 1951, Sarns hardware has been a major supplier of ice boat hardware including Sarns runners.

Skimmer 45
We hold the trademark and manufacture of the Skimmer 45® (formerly Lockley Skimmer 45) Iceboat. We are also a Vanguard Dealer, so we can meet your sailing needs year round.

The T-Hound / mast rotator / spreader bar fitting that you may have seen in action on DN 5224 (the neon yellow boat at the 2007 Worlds) is now available. There are a number of makes and models in use but if I may say so, this version is pretty sweet. It all but eliminates mast inversions, is very clean aerodynamically and allows full articulation at the shroud attachment. They look good too! Available to fit either T-Hound (Kent) or tang-style (Sherry) mast hounds. Designed for DNs but at least one is in use on a Jet 14. We have them for sale- Call or email for pics and price!

Williams Infusion
Composite DN Masts "Using Technology to build better parts." Now making Ice Opti youth ice boats.

Windward Boatworks
Suppliers of custom gear boxes for DN and Nite iceboats. Wire rigging, fiberglass supplies and custom composite work. We also do custom iceboat painting as well. 608-575-8033
W5302 Bend Rd
Princeton, Wi 54968

Wing Masts
The ST 49 is a small,inexpensive, open design, box rule wingboat class. Initial testing has the STprototype hitting over 71mph Cruising speed- 60mph in 15 mph winds. If you want to build your own mainwing and flap I'm selling complete rib kits for- $170.00. Patterns - $30.00
John Eisenlohr telephone- 406 844-2168
Lakeside MT.

Light weight (3 oz.) and compact (5" x 3" x ¾") ultrasonic wind meter uses patented technology to read current wind speed, highest positive speed (headwind), lowest negative speed (tailwind),
5-second average, and running average.

Yankee Ice Yacht Plans
For complete set of Yankee blue prints, contact the Yankee Ice Yacht Association c/o Mark Hancik, 305 Dey Grove Rd.
Monroe Twp., NJ 08831
732 446 4377
The cost is $75.00 US plus shipping, there are 26 pages of prints and all the frames are drawn to full size.